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BTEC national Business Unit 1 P2

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Pass 2 - I am now going to describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of Tesco and Children in Need. Stakeholders are people who are interested in any aspect of a business. Customers are interested in a business if they buy products from that company. A business also depends on the customers because if no customers bought products from the company, then the company would make no profit and would fail. The main reason why a business sets up is to make a profit. For Tesco, I would rate customers as 10/10 as without customers the business would fail. Customers are the people who buy items and make Tesco a profit. For Children in Need, I rate the customers a 10/10 as they rely on customers to put donations forward and to watch the BBC Children in Need programme which airs. ...read more.


Raising money is what Children in Need are all about. Without the suppliers, Children in Need wouldn't be able to raise as much money as they hope. Owners are the people who own companies and have shares inside the business. For Tesco, I would rate the owners a 9/10 because they influence and invest into the company. For Children in Need, I would rate owners a 7/10. Children in Need don't have owners as such, but they will have a panel of trustees that are legally responsible for the charity. They will make the decisions on whom and which causes to give out the raised money to. Pressure Groups are groups which may protest against a company being built near their local area, or how certain aspects of the business are run. This may be due too much pollution or more traffic around their area. ...read more.


However this would have an upside to it as you wouldn't have to travel far to get to the shops. For Children in Need, I would rate Local and National communities a 7/10 because if they are unhappy with Children in Need they aren't going to donate any money to the charity so Children in Need thrive on communities donating money in order for them to help children. Governments are people that want the business to do well so they can pay more money on the taxes and can offer more jobs to the local community. For Tesco, I would rate Government a 6/10 as they want to be able to take more tax money off them. This will also generate more jobs for the community. For Children in Need, I would rate Government a 5/10 as they don't necessarily get involved, however the more money the charity raises, the government don't have to give out as much to other causes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Caddy ...read more.

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