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BTEC Unit 2 - P1 - Business Resources - HR Report

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From: Pablo Cortez To: Ian Wilson Date: 23.10.08 1.0 Introduction: The following is a report into how Human Resources are managed including within Paintpot DIY, current effects that 'pressures' and 'issues' are having on the organisation, including recommendations for improvement by Pablo Cortez from Complete Consultancy Ltd. 2.0 Roles and Responsibilities of a Human Resource Department: Some of the general day to day activities of a HR department are as follows: * Work Environment * Recruitment * Retention * Contracts of Employment * Personal Specifications * Job Descriptions * Health and Safety * Teams * Accountability * Functions * Grievance Procedures * Absenteeism 3.0 How Human Resources are Managed: This hierarchical chart shows how Human Resources are managed within Paintpot DIY. 4.0 Business Culture Business/Corporate Culture is A blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time. Whether written as a mission statement, spoken or merely understood, corporate culture describes and governs the ways a company's owners and employees think, feel and act. ...read more.


Other issues with trends in the business will need addressing in the upcoming meeting. 5.3 The current revised staff structure is being co-ordinated well and monitoring staff by way of sales targets, punctuality and other aspects is proving fairly efficient, but with no commission or bonus, staff are not being rewarded for their effort in generating extra sales. Communication between departments and managers is well planned with General Managers and Managers meeting weekly on a Monday to discuss such topics as Targets, Staffing Issues and HR issues etc. Managers in turn the meet with team leaders daily to inform staff of various related issues. 5.4 The current culture embraced by Paintpot DIY, 'friendly but professional' is well intentioned but lacks enthusiasm in encouraging staff to succeed and generate good performance levels. Staff are indeed friendly and professional at all times but fail to have motivation or the drive to sell the product behind them. 5.4 Incentives currently in use are predominantly for loyalty to the company with gift vouchers available to staff dependent upon years of service to the company, as well as extra holiday entitlement to staff with 4 years of service or more and also a staff discount card after 6 months of service. ...read more.


Other training should include Sales, Cashiers and all shop floor staff should be trained to a higher standard to increase sales across the range of products. This can be done in house by the training staff in HR department. With a decrease in demand, I believe reducing the workforce is an available opportunity. There is no requirement for 18 cashiers within the workplace. I believe this can be dropped to a total of 10 cashiers with any 6 working at 1 time. With the correct training program being put into place, this is an easily achievable target. New staff incentives are to be created with a sales focus playing a key part. The existing company loyalty incentives are to be scrapped with the exception of the staff discount card as this is a usual perk within any business. New commission structures are to be discussed, concentrating on rewarding staff for achieving sales targets, giving the workforce enthusiasm and the drive to succeed over the competition. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Award Business Unit 2 - Investigating Business Resources From: Pablo Cortez 1 23.10.08 ...read more.

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