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Business activity.

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Business Activity. The term 'business activity' refers to the operations carried out by a particular organisation. Many companies or organisations are involved in more than one activity, for example Tesco's not only sell food products, clothing and fancy goods but also sells services such as photographic film developing, insurances and some branches even have restaurants or cafes. However their main source of income is their sale of groceries this is known as their 'core business'. Main types of activity include; * Producing raw goods * Manufacturing goods * Sales of goods * Client or customer services * Other services An example is shown in the following flow chart: Business activity may change over a period of time for many reasons: * The customers may change which will in turn effect what people want to buy * The number of people employed by a company may vary. This could be due to new technology which leads to less people being necessary to carry out certain jobs or alternatively, organisations may expand which may lead to an increase in people needed. ...read more.


EasyJet operates independently from the other companies, although some "cross-marketing" agreements do exist. Sainsburys Sainsburys core business is selling groceries. But also work along side with other companies within their business. The founders' principles and values guide us as strongly today as they did at the outset - to be the customer's first choice for food shopping by providing high-quality products, value for money, excellent service and attention to detail. Sainsburys also own another branch of supermarkets called Shaws, these supermarkets are based in the U.S. Sainsburys also do banking and have their own Baking service. Sainsbury's Bank opened for business on 19 February 1997. A joint venture between J Sainsbury plc and Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury's Bank was the first Supermarket Bank in the UK. This ground-breaking venture has attracted over 1.25 million customers with deposits in excess �2.0 billion and advances, including undrawn commitments, of �1.0 billion. Regardless of whether you are looking for an outstanding return on your savings or competitive rates on a mortgage or personal loan, Sainsbury's Bank has always offered some of the most attractive rates around. ...read more.


And lastly Sainsburys do sell property, yes that's right SPC, Sainsbury's Property Company (SPC) was formed in November 2000 with the aim of maximising value from Sainsbury's Supermarkets property portfolio. With over 450 stores based in the UK, valued at �4.5 billion, it is one of the tenth largest, corporately occupied portfolios in the country. SPC is looking to develop mixed-use schemes, such as housing, leisure and offices on up to 50 sites over the next four years, as well as developing supermarkets. Through increased asset values, reduced capital expenditure and enhanced levels of service, SPC will generate financial benefits from the under-exploited supermarket portfolio. Since February 2000 in excess of �566 million has been raised through the development of innovative 'sale and leaseback' schemes. SPC is structured into three different areas: Asset Development and Portfolio Planning, Delivery and Performance. The Development and Planning group aims to maximise the return on existing assets and identify potential sites for development. Delivery will handle acquisitions, disposals and the construction process, including store refurbishment, extensions and facilities management, while the Performance group will seek funding, measure the financial returns of the property business and monitor customer satisfaction. Business Portfolio October 03 Part A: Business Activity Mr. Laidlaw Jemma Murphy ...read more.

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