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Business at work.

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TASK 2 Business at work McDonalds is a company, which has been around for years; it is one of the world most leading organisations. It is a service provided to the local community and public all over the world. It is a very successful company and still continues to grow today. McDonalds: * Is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 121 countries serving 46 million customers each day. * Is one of the world's most well-known and valuable brands and holds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in virtually every country in which we do business. * Serves the world some of its favorite foods - World Famous French Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin. As you can see below I am just explaining the basics of McDonalds Company. E1: The classification of the business according to its ownership, and an explanation of the benefits and constraints of this type of the ownership. * There is a distinctive difference between the following types of business: * Sole trader * Partnership * Private limited company * Public limited company * Co-operative * Not profit or a charity * Franchise * Sole Trader: A Sole Trader is where a single person owns a business it gives more opportunity to work for firms on consultancy basis and government support for self-employment. ...read more.


A public limited company has its shares bought and sold on the Stock Exchange. Companies like next have to go to the expense of having a 'full quotation' on the Stock Exchange so their share prices appear on the dealers' visual display screens. The main advantage of selling shares through the Stock Exchange for any company that uses a franchise operation; this means that it could be a sole trader, partnership or public Limited Company, that large amounts of capital can be raised very quickly. One disadvantage is that the control of the business can be lost by the original shareholders if large quantities of shares are purchased as part of a 'take-over bid. It is also costly to have shares quoted on the Stock Exchange. To create a public company, the directors must apply to the Stock Exchange Council, which will carefully check the accounts. A business wanting to 'go public' will then arrange for one of the merchant banks to handle the paperwork. Selling new shares is quite a risky business. The Stock Exchange has 'good days' (when a great many people want to buy shares) and 'bad days' (when a great many people want to sell). If the issue of new shares coincides with a bad day, a company can find itself in difficulties. ...read more.


Interview your local McDonald's manager to find out what are the benefits and drawbacks of operating the franchise outlined above. The classifications of McDonalds are that they want to make the company successful as possible. Making it the leading brand nationally. The benefits of McDonalds is that it provides a service of food and drink to the public, meaning that it is also satisfying customers whilst making a living profit itself. It also is a good well-known company meaning it is successful with its community. It is vitally important that you keep it nice with your local community, as if you do not then these will mean that you r profits towards the business will go down as all your customers tend to be the local ones. The constraints of McDonalds are that sometimes it may not reach to the expectations that it should. What I generally mean by this is that the food has to be up to a certain standard of top quality and if it does not reach or obtain to this level then it must not be given to customers and must be done all again basically if you do not do anything properly or to a certain level that it must be done again. Unit 1 Business At Work Jaspal S. Johal Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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