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Business at work - BT case study

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Contents E1: 3-4 E2: 4-5 E3: 5-6 E4: 6-7 E5: 7-8 E6: 8 C1: 9 BT BT's ambitions "are to be the best provider of telecommunications services and solutions for everybody in the UK and for corporate customers in the rest of Europe, with global reach though partnership." www.bt.co.uk/aboutus E1 BT is a public limited company. The major difference between private and public limited company is that the public version has its shares available to the public for anyone to purchase. It is very expensive going public because it costs a lot to have shares quoted on the stock exchange, the company must apply to the stock exchange council, the company needs to arrange merchant banks to handle paper work, selling shares is a risky business because the stock exchange has good and bad days and it cost a lot to advertise. An advantage could be that large amounts of capital can be raised very quickly and that the company is always in the in the media so it gives the company free media coverage. A disadvantage could be that as more shareholders come in the business the company could be lost by the original owners, which would give them less control and as the company is always in the media, if the ...read more.


A unique name "BT", objectives, a set of objectives setting the direction, rules and regulations, some which are written down, patterns and structure, a set ways of doing things, posts and offices, which means that people have varied responsibilities, a chain of command, which are commands set in official and unofficial codes, power, different people have different levels of power and records which are systematic and well organised. The organisation structure that BT has is matrix structure as they are selling and making products and the company is more of a tall structure because it is a large organisation. BT would have different styles of management, autocratic, democratic and consultative as it is a very large organisation and has different departments, which need different rules. BT employs 104,700 people around the world, of whom 96,300 are in the UK. This makes BT one of the UK's largest employers, working and living at the heart of society. Their approach is to act fairly towards their people, value their contributions and enable them to achieve their full potential. BT helps their employees develop professionally while respecting their other commitments - to themselves, their families and the wider community. ...read more.


BT has growing success in such new-wave markets as broadband, mobility, information and communications technology (ICT) and solutions. Consumers and businesses are now more satisfied with the way BT provide and repair their services. BT is the UK's leading Internet service provider for small and medium businesses. One the main point is that overall customer dissatisfaction was significantly down by 37% for the company (against the target BT set of 25%). Broadband is more than just another product. It is a whole new way of communicating. It sparks off incredible demand and is growing at a rapid rate connections having increased almost fourfold in the 2003 financial year. At 31 March 2003, BT had around 800,000 ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) connections, and they are well on the way to reaching there target of one million this winter. BT were very carefully this year, they targeted their capital expenditure, which was �2.4 billion during the 2003 financial year, a 21% reduction on the previous year. A series of technological breakthroughs can, bring ADSL within potential reach of 90% of UK homes and small businesses within the next few years. I would say that this year BT has done well in term of reducing debt, capital expenditure and reducing customer dissatisfaction. ...read more.

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