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Business Communications.

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Business Communications Rapid advances in information technology have led to many new forms of communication. The most important of which has been the continual growth in the development of the personal computer, both in business and at home. Along with the dramatic increase in the use of PC's has come the internet which allows almost instant contact between businesses world wide, fax machines which enable text documents to be sent from one business to another, mobile phones and lap top computers which allow work to be carried out from almost any location. PC's can also be linked within companies (intranet) ...read more.


All of the departments must communicate amongst themselves and with each other in order that the paediatric wing runs efficiently and that patients receive the best possible care. We all rely on Doctors and consultants to make accurate diagnosis. The Dr's rely on their medical secretaries to document and forward their diagnosis on to the relevant people. All medical students rely on the more senior doctors for support. All doctors rely on the nurses to carry out basic care, medication and treatments necessary to patients well being, student nurses rely on senior nurses to aid and support them while they are training. ...read more.


GPs, health visitors * By pager, On call senior nurses, consultants, registrar and senior house officers always carry bleeps which means they can be contacted wherever they are in the hospital * Via air call through the main switchboard should a consultant need to be contacted whilst outside the hospital * By regular departmental meetings, for example senior nurses consultants and senior house officers on duty on any particular day have meetings known as handovers. This is where the previous shift hands over all medical history, concerns and recommended treatments to the new shift starting. Also regular meeting regarding changes, difficulties and discussions about the effects of changes implemented. Business Portfolio October 03 Part C. Business communication Mr Laidlaw Jemma Murphy ...read more.

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