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business development That means we have to sell 32 pairs of designer jeans per week

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In class we conducted a activity to help us with the task, we worked as a group we had to pick a product to sell which we chose a designer jeans, are business was open for 50 week in the trading year. That means we have to sell 32 pairs of designer jeans per week (1600/50 weeks) in order for the business be safe I have to sell average of 32 jeans. Break-even sale=fixed costs/contribution I have highlighted my break-even analysis chart, on my diagram below. This gives the owner of designer jeans company a clear indication where it is, and what the owner need to do to break-even. The chart makes the process easier when opening a new business, business by making a chart it shows the loan company at what time the owner expect to gain profits. I can now calculate were my business is going in long term. Sale output in pairs of jeans per week Variable cost per week at �20 per jeans Annual total variable cost( per 50-week year Annual fixed cost at �40000 regardless of sale Annual total cost (=total variable cost + fixed cost) Sale revenue per week at a price of �45 per jeans Annual total revenue (=weekly revenue* 50) Annual profits or loss (=annual total revenue total cost) 10 �200 �10,000 �40.00 �50,000 �450 �22,500 -�27,500 20 �400 �20,000 �40.00 �60,000 �900 �45,000 -�15,000 30 �600 �30,000 �40.00 �70,000 ...read more.


Oxfam have many charitable shops that collect it donation. The donation varies it could be anything from: records, clothes, money, books etc. D1 One example of the activity carries by Oxfam In 2004 Oxfam carry out Music month an activity that helped them raise almost 100,000. This large donation came mainly from 25,000 vinyl records from Downtown Retail in Belfast. The main purpose of Oxfam Music Month is to raise more money to overcome poverty and suffering throughout Africa. They also want to raise the profile of music in Oxfam shops, and let people know they can come to Oxfam not just for CDs and videos at bargain prices, but for rare and collectible records too. Donated records and CDs are becoming a hugely important source of income for many of Oxfam shops and during 2005 they intend to increase dedicated music sections in many of their outlets. It is not easy running a charitable organization it require a lot of work one of them is tying to make people aware of the poor situation that others are accoutring in other part of the world. Money spent on our Aims & Objectives shall not be less than 80% of the agency's total expenditure and the administrative costs shall account for at most 20% of the agency's total expenditure. In the 2001/02 year, the money spent on our Aims & Objectives was 81.6%. ...read more.


They include Sainsbury's Central (which range from 7000 and 20 000 square feet) and Local stores (ranging from between 2000 and 6000 square feet area) one of Sainsbury aims is to make shopping more quick and effortless for customers. In order to find out, how this can be done the marketing and research department has to look into this case. This cost Sainsbury's money. Which the finance department has to produce, because of it pyramid structure it could take time for the finance department to receive the information from the marketing department and also for the finance department to reply back. The all point is that Sainsbury's structure can have a big disadvantage in the running of they business in order to avoid this situation from happening they need to make sure that correct information rich the correct people on time. In order for any organization whether profit making or charitable organization to meet they goals, achieve it aims and objectives they will need to have -Human resources: this includes people working for the organization, it is very important in another word (staff) Sainsbury believe that in order to make customers happy the staff should be happy too. They believe if there is a family atmosphere it will make the staff enjoy what they are doing and customers would benefit. -Physical Resource such as building , equipment, because staff can not work out side. -Financial resources and technology resource a very important element in the running of today's business ...read more.

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