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Business Environment SWOT Analysis for a pizza restaurant.

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´╗┐Mercedes Lechuga Flores - 897248 Business Environment Assignment ________________ FRANCO MANCA - Restaurant Opened in 2008 Franco Manca is an Italian restaurant dedicated only to make the best pizzas in London, as it was confirmed by William Skidelsky (The Observer). Franco Manca is a conventional italian pizzeria trying to create Neapolitan pizzas, the original ones. HISTORY. The history of the Franco Manca starts before 2008, when in Brixton market there was an italian restaurant named ?Franco?s?. This restaurant was not only devoted to make pizzas, but all kind of italian food including pastas, salads, bread, polenta dishes, risotto and soups. In 2008 Franco, the owner of the restaurant, went back to Italy and he closed the place. A couple of entrepreneurs, Giuseppe Mascoli (Italian) and Bridget Hugo (South African) took the same place of Franco?s restaurant to allocate their pizzeria; Franco, the previous owner, used to have a lot of loyal customers who had continued to turn to the place looking for Franco, asking ?Where is Franco??. The most original answer Mascolini and Hugo thought was to say ?Franco manca? which means ?Frank is missing? in italian. That became the name of the new pizzeria. SOURDOUGH. Mascolini is originally from the southern italian town of Positano; Hugo is from South Africa, and despite the fact that he is italian, both of them are an unlikely pair of pizza pioneers. The chefs from all Franco Manca?s restaurants are from Naples (Napoli), Italy, trying to conserve the original napolitan pizza recipe and flavor. ...read more.


The objective of performing a SWOT analysis is to detect the internal and external key factors to achieve any objective in the company. The internal factors are the strengths and weaknesses internal to the organization, for example factors relating to the 7P?s, costs, quality, people, skills, adaptability, brands, services, reputation, infrastructure, etc; the external factors are the opportunities and threats presented to the company by its external environment, for example factors related to market, sectors, audience, fashion, trends, competition, economics, politics, technological, environmental, law, etc. ?Strenghts and weaknesses represent where the organization is now, and opportunities represent where it whishes to be at a given time in the future? (Luck, 2010). A marketing opportunity is an area where a buyer has needs or interests and the company is capable of satisfying them. An environmental threat is a challenge caused by a trend or a new development, which may cause a loss profit or sales, if no action is taken with a good marketing. Some of the questions that can help through a SWOT analysis are the following: Strenghts 1. What advantages does your company have? 2. What do you do better than anyone? 3. What do competitors see in you as strengths? 4. What is your Unique Selling Point? Weaknesses 1. What should the company avoid? 2. What can the company improve? 3. What are the competitors likely to see as weaknesses? 4. What factors lose your sales? ...read more.


For all these reasons customers really love the restaurant. But some of the concerness are that the restaurant does not have option for delivery, just take away, but sometimes the customers do not feel really good about having to go to the restaurant to pick up the food. Otherwise there is not a lot of variety on the other food (besides pizzas) because the restaurant only offers salads and bites, but just a few of them. Most of the customers always request a “coke” or “diet coke” to drink with the pizza, but as it is an organic restaurant no sodas are sell, but that can be a weakness for some people. As a threats there are the normal external things that can affect the restaurant, as food inflation, threat from the competitors, need to rise the price, but Franco Manca will be able to deal with it in case they occur, simply changing for a local supplier, which will be cheaper. As opportunities most of the customers ask for a “kid’s size” so it will be very helpful for the restaurant have an option for kid’s menú, because the pizzas are really big to be finished by a child. And the restaurant can improve, as well, the variety of wines, because some people does not like the option of “organic wine” because the flavor is really different, so they need to have at least any other 2 options in case the customer does not like the organic wine; and maybe they can introduce an organic beer, since the theme of the restaurant is “organic food”, they can complement it with organic beer as well. ...read more.

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