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Business ethics and how it affects our culture I will start this declaration of business and how it contributes to change in our lives at present

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Business ethics and how it affects our culture I will start this declaration of business and how it contributes to change in our lives at present by stating the most obvious. Businesses are not bad for our lives, without businesses the economy would be unbalanced and unpredictable. Businesses are not bad, they are only as bad as we make them in our lives, A business can help make a group of people money but it can also lead to the bankruptcy of other groups. The funny thing is that the group that it can destroy in money terms can be both rich and poor! People with insufficient income to afford the luxuries that many businesses offer might get themselves into debt to be able to afford them. ...read more.


British gas is a gas and electricity company, as we may already know. Dixon's is an electronic goods store. Both these businesses have one main objective that is to make profit, but how they make their profit is completely different. If we look into what they both offer we can see that, Dixon's goods are wants: we don't need them, we'll only purchase them if we desire them. On the other hand British gas offers something we need, we don't have an option about whether we purchase gas/electricity or not! I think British gas is smart because they manage to manipulate the people through careful media into purchasing an obligated product. People have changed their way of being so much that they have changed the word culture to simply nothing. ...read more.


gangster image that is portrayed in music videos that it is important for them to show there friends how gangster they can be, even to the extent that they set aside their personality and features that makes them unique. Culture has been blurred out off our dictionary to the extent that when we mention the word culture everyone has a big discussion as to its meaning. Every dictionary has a different meaning to culture, and we wonder why! I particularly find business interesting due to the fact that I want to be an economic manager in the future. The only way that business jobs may disappear is if money was to cease to exist. This is why I think business is crucial to our society/life, we live in a world were money is important. ...read more.

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