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Business ethics is the art and discipline of applying ethical principles to examine and solve complex moral dilemmas.

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Business ethics is the art and discipline of applying ethical principles to examine and solve complex moral dilemmas. Business ethics asks, "What is right and wrong? good and bad?" in business transactions ( Weiss, W. J. 1998) Although no one "best" definition of business ethics exists, the consensus is that business ethics requires reasoning and judgment based on both principles and beliefs for making choices that balance economic self-interests against social and welfare claims. This article will first introduce business ethic, comparison with poke game. Both of them has rules needs to obey, and has responsibility to your partner. Moreover, the environment of competitive is similar. Then the discussion social responsibility of business ethics will explain by introducing ethic issue of some corporation stakeholder. In addition, the hierarchy model of business object will be introduced for understanding the behaviours of corporation with ethic. Finally, the conclusion will be given. In a different manner this notion that there is a dichotomy between work-life and home-life, is illustrated by the idea that business could be likened to a game of poker - a game played by a different set of rules to the rest of social life (Carr, 1968; Ladd, 1970). It followed that in the world of business one was not expected to be quite as honest and fair as in other areas of life. On the other hand, indeed the demand (Friedman, 1962) that the only responsibility of business is to make maximum profits for the shareholder is must as laden with ethical commitments as the pluralistic argument that business must be socially responsible to a wider constituency of stakeholders (Nash, 1990). The view that business is analogous to a game whose rules diverges from the morality of other aspects of life, and therefore must entail ethical schizophrenia for players, has prompted much debate (e.g. Sullivan, 1984; Keely, 1981). Some critics argue that business is, or should be, conducted with honesty and integrity. ...read more.


Nike is am typical example, They not only made the employees working in force, but also use children with very low salary in China. Once I went to visit the one of a factory of China by opportunities, It is wondered that whether this place is a factory or a prison or hell. However, it does show that social responsibility now stretches beyond the confines of both corporate and country lines. Companies can no longer justify their position by pleading ignorance or excuse their actions by cultural relativism. Most people would argue that a company's ultimate responsibility is to the people who own the company: shareholders. Since it is the shareholders' capital, which allows the company to stay in business, the company will strive to do what is in the shareholder's best interests. To illustrate the power one individual shareholder can have, consider the example of a Procter & Gamble shareholder who submitted a resolution in 1990 to boycott coffee from EI Salvador. Initially, Procter & Gamble did not respond to the shareholder's resolution, which, in the meantime, gather support from other shareholders around the country. Procter & Gamble's lack of responsiveness eventually led to media coverage of the problems in EI Salvador, which in turn forced the company to reconsider its business dealings in EI Salvador. The shareholder's concern has led Procter & Gamble to become more careful in its dealings with EI Salvador and to adopt a policy where it deal with small coffee growers and is more sensitive to the political situation of the country (Henry 1993). Other stakeholder includes investors, media, government, and so on. Sine the limitation of words, the detail of these stakeholders is not given in this essay. However, they also play important role when consider business ethic. Aiduo is one of the biggest manufactory, which produces Video Player in China. This product innovated in China to replace VCR player. ...read more.


Five general responsibilities were explained with examples. In addition, corporation are dependent largely on their stakeholders. The Stakeholder Moral Responsibility Matrix (Carroll, 1989) can help managers to determine what responsibilities and obligations the company has to each stakeholder. The corporation behaviour was introduced by using the Hierarchy of Business Objectives Model, which helps organization to make appropriate strategic plan. Finally, business ethic becomes increasingly important and necessary for an organization, with the increasing demand by society. Reference Archie B. Carroll, 1979, A Three - Dimensional Conceptual Model of Corporate Performance: Academy of Management Review Carr, A. 1986, Is business bluffing ethical? Harvard Business Review: Harvard Carroll, Archie B, 1989, Business and Society: Ethics and stakeholder management. Clincinnati: South - western Davies, Peter W. F. 1997, Current Issues in Business Ethics, London: Routledge Friedman, M. 1962, Capitalism and Freedom, University of Chicago Press: Chicago, IL. Freeman, R. E. and Gilbert, D. R. 1988, Corporate Strategy and the Search for Ethics Goodpaster, K. E. and Matthews, 1982, Can a corporation have a conscience? Harvard Business Review Keeley, M. 1981, Organizations as non-persons, Journal of Value Inquiry, 15, 149-55 Ladd, J. 1970, Morality and the ideal of rationality in formal organizations, The Monist Murray David, 1997, Ethics in Organizations, Kogan Page Limited: London Nash, L.L. 1990, Good Internationals Aside: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems: Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA Pearson, G., 1995, Integrity in organizations: an alternative business ethic. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill Solomon, R. C. 1992, Ethics and Excellence: Cooperation and Integrity in Business. Oxford University Press: Oxford S. Prakash Sethi, 1975, Dimensions of Corporate Social Performance: An Analytical Framework for Measurement and Analysis: California Weiss W. J 1998, Business ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach, The Dryden Press Journal Henry, K., 1993, Investment firm capitalize on social responsibility, Puget Sound Business Journal, Vol 13, Feb 26,1993, P1 Nelson - Horchler, j. 1988, Safety: a tough sell. Industry Week, 236(3), Feb 1, pp 49-50 Sullivan, R. J. 1984, Is business bluffing ethical? Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 3(2), 1-17 INTERNET www.a.com. ...read more.

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