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Business Location.

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Location PSL Workplace PSL Workplace is situated on church Road in Parkstone. The present owners of PSL Workplace did not choose the location that it is situated at today. As discussed previously in this project, the business is a private limited company. The business was in situ and operating (not too well however) when the present shareholders bought their shares in the business. Because the business was not doing very well at the time they bought their shares, the shares were very cheap, this is one of the main reasons why they bought the shares. The business was not doing very well because there is a lot of competition with other businesses in the area and the business was slightly behind in technology (computers, CAD etc). Despite all concerns for the business in terms of competitors in the same location, the area does have a lot of advantages. ...read more.


Julian Richer is wary of expanding too quickly. This is because rapid expansion has been disastrous for many companies. Julian Richer learnt this the hard way when he grew from 4 stores to 16 in 18 months. Then, because of financial situations he had to cut back down to 11 stores. Today Julian Richer is far more cautious. He now prefers to follow a year of expansion with a year of consolidation - when he focuses on improving what he has, rather than simply getting more! When considering the location of their warehouse, Richer sounds had considered two other factors: 1. The cost - a distribution centre is large and takes up a lot of space, making it very expensive to rent or buy. Therefore the cost of the site is critical. 2. Infrastructure - Accessibility to motorway networks is critical because they have to deliver all around the country. ...read more.


This is because Richer sounds is selling products to the general public and so needsa to be easily accessable by the public. PSL Workplace on the other hand, is not aimed at the general public at all, it is aimed at businesses, therefore being near a market is not needed. Conclusion The location of a business varies depending on what the business provides/sells/does. This means that listing important factors to a location is very well, but, the important factors for one business don't always apply to another business. This means that when considering a location for one business, just because another business in that location is thriving, your business is no necessarily going to thrive as well, it depends on who and what your business does, and, most importantly, who the business is aimed at. The perfect location is a location where you are able to give or take all the resources you need and where you are right in the middle of your target customers. ...read more.

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