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Business Management

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Business Management ABC Manufactoring Company - ABC is a UK based manufactoring compnay making clothing products for retail outlets in the UK. Contructing two organisation charts for ABC before and after restructoring from the information below Before restructoring ABV has a senior management team consisting of a managing director and four directors. The compoany is split into four functional departments- Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Production. The Marketing department has two managers, a research manager and a sales manager. The sales manager controls two sales representatives and two sales supervisors. Each sale supervisor controls one worker and a customer service advisor. Each customer service advisor controls one clerk. The Finance Director is responsible for one finance accountant and one management accountant. Both have two account supervisors. The HR Director has two managers, one HR manager and one Administration Manager. Each manager has two office supervisors whom control one assistant The Production Directoris responsible for one production manager, one Chief buyer and a distribution manager who controls two distribution addistants. The production manager has three assistant managers whomcontrol ten production workers each After restructoring Following the restructure it was decided to amalgamate the third and fourth ties of the hierarchy: In the marketing department there were four redundancies and two new posts of marketing manager were created. ...read more.


Wide Span Structure is simpler of the hierarchy because it does not have so many people in the chain. That type if structure tent to be much wider and most of the tasks to be spread to different people. Usually small business, with not many employees and less funds available, have delegated structure. Delegated structure gives the opportunity for better communication with the different levels within the organisation, also gives more motivation to the employees by giving them more right to make different decisions. This could be twisted if the person who is on top is not careful because they might lose control over the company. Gives the senior management less stress and more time to concentrate on more important tasks. However there will be more stress for the employees in order to complete their tasks and at the same time to do their job; this might affect their productivity and company's income. Example, if Harrods went to delegated structure and the sales assistants have to take care of documentations and placing orders their sale productivity will be affected because there will not be enough time to do all the tasking, therefore the company is not achieving their goal that quick and the employees have more stress at work. Every organisation, regardless of size, has developed and implemented its own management concepts in order for it to run smoothly and accomplish the vision, goals and objectives it has set forth. ...read more.


They have to plan and organise every single task and to decide, what the best way is that could be done from the other employees. When the company become delegated, the managers have to pay more attention on the communication between them and the other employees, otherwise there will be misunderstanding and the tasks will not be done. Before and after restructuring the communication in the company is really important because managers needs to be sure that employees know what they job is. After restructuring is also that important but as well with the management. Managers have to decide which employee is better for the different job, all employees need to understand each other and to work in a team in order every task to be done. Good example of why the communication in a company so important is when the business wants to introduce new product/service to the customers. Having 'brain storm' meetings will be really effective because staff who communicate with customers will know what are the products/services and the features that each customer is looking for. Once all the ideas have been said then managers and directors can work on a way that will improve the products/services of the company so it will suit the customer needs. Reference: 1. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/373994/the_four_functions_of_management_foundation.html?cat=3 2. notes taken in class ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Draganova 1 ...read more.

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