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Business objectives.

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Aims and Objectives Aims are the long-term intention of an organisation to develop in a certain way (often set out in the Mission Statement). The idea is to create a common vision, which everyone in the business is working towards. This is particularly important in a large business as individual employees may loose sight of the overall aims of the business. Objectives (or goals) are the targets, which must be met to fulfil those aims. Objectives tend to come in five main types: > Maximising profits > Maximising shareholder wealth � i.e. doing things, which increase the share price, like raising dividends. > Growing the size of the business � take-overs etc. > Diversification's to spread risk > Focussing on core strengths e.g. ...read more.


* Restaurant Excellence: Focus on consistent delivery of quality, service and cleanliness through excellence in our restaurants. * Operating Structure: Optimise restaurant performance through the selection of the most appropriate operating, management and ownership structures. * The Brand: Continue to build the relationship between McDonald's and our customers in order to be a genuine part of the fabric of British society. As you can see from McDonald's mission statement their aims are set to mainly maximise profits. These aims differ from an organisation such as the NHS, which is in the public sector, and is a non-profit making organisation. The NHS's mission statement is below: Mission statement To provide accessible, high quality and effective mental health and learning disability services which promote and improve health and do so in partnership with individuals and other agencies. ...read more.


Principles To keep learning and building upon experience to � Enhance the range and quality of the services provided, � Involve service users and their carers in making services more responsive to their needs, � Develop the Trust as an organisation which encourages all staff to share responsibility for achieving its goals; promotes professionalism and team working; broadens the skills, knowledge and qualifications of all staff, � Give the public information on which to judge our performance. As you can see from the NHS's mission statement, their aims and objectives are set to solely to benefit other people rather than to maximise their profits like McDonalds. This is due to the fact that the NHS is in the public sector and unlike McDonalds is a non-profit making organisation. ...read more.

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