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Business Online

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BTEC National Diploma/Certificate In Business Report Unit 6 Business Online Kal Panchal Report From: Amish Patel To: Kal Panchal Title: Business Online Unit: 6 Date: 15/03/2004 Task 1a) (P1) Outline Of The Aims/Objectives Of Sainsbury's And Tesco I have been allocated a responsibility by Kal Panchal to follow a line of investigation with regard to how business is conducted online. This exploration will also include an investigation of the Price Brown Partnership website and will comprise of a well structured and detailed report that will pen ultimately involve me writing a letter to the directors of the Price Brown Partnership commenting on how successful I feel that their online strategy has been. The report firstly requires me to describe with examples, how an online presence may support the accomplishment of a given business's respective aims and objectives that they wish to fulfil. Once having explained that, I will illustrate the impact on a customer point of view with in relation to the introduction of the online presences of the companies and outline the main business opportunities that arise from that online existence. With consideration to the report, I have selected to investigate two companies which are situated within the retail region, groceries vicinity to be precise. In addition, the two companies which I chosen to explore are J Sainsbury's and Tesco Plc's. I will then contrast these two supermarket chains against that of Price Brown in terms of design, content, navigation, functionality and my overall experience. Organisations need to have aims and objectives to be able to focus on the clear direction needed for success in the modern business world. The aim is the overreaching goal for the organisation, which can then be segmented down into a subset of objectives to achieve their aspiration. Establishing objectives may be done in a number of ways for example, looking at corporate aims in terms of looking at the company as a whole and once this has been recognised, the mission can be segregated into divisional objectives. ...read more.


the line may be busy, whereas on the other hand emails are guaranteed to be sent and will have a reply back. Another good element about the Sainsbury's site is that only 4 of the pages are highly intensive in terms of graphical use. A subsection on the 'Our Company' page takes over a minute to download if the user has 56k dial up modems. This would seem rather off putting and could lose their interest. Content - The content held within the website is extremely well written in the manner that it's brief and simple to take in. If the content used was overcrowded, then the user will start to lose curiosity and will leave the site. Additionally, every single page has pictures of some sort whether they are links. More importantly though, all the pictures on the website have some sort of natural relevance with regard to the website which is good. Having said that, the site could do with a little less of pictures as it takes up more space and room. Design - The site makes good use of pictures and text. For example on most of the pages, there is a good balance between image and text - not too much or too little of either, a right blend of each. Everything throughout the site is consistent and the layout and navigation bar as mentioned earlier always remains the same. This makes the links on the navigation bar easier to reach to for the user. The homepage though could be better designed as I feel that there are too many pictures on that page. The dropdown menu is good and every item under that menu is clearly visible when the cursor is placed on it as the link gets highlighted in a vibrant blue colour scheme. Overall Experience - My overall viewpoint of the Sainsbury's website is that it is brilliant. ...read more.


With the formation of a website, Xentrix Motors will have a firm blueprint and from this, will have the ability to exhibit as many cars they please to sell to prospective clientele. This will provide leeway for a chance to attain more sales, profits and the opportunity to build on new customers and loyalty. In addition, without the conception of a b-2-c (business-to-customer) business, Xentrix Motors chance to have a new more and sophisticated business will cascade. For example if Xentrix Motors virtual storefront was not implemented than they will initially still have many incremental operating costs to pay for such as paying for building costs, labour, gas, electricity etc. Although Xentrix Motors will have to pay a fee of some sort to create their website if they are to trade professionally it will just be a nominal fee to register a domain name and for continual use of web space over a specific time. For e.g. creating a website will only require paying for just the website and one central warehouse from which orders are dealt with and where cars are dispatched from. There will also be a call centre where orders are confirmed and then once customers have placed an order, an invoice will be sent electronically to the central warehouse where a member of staff will pick it up, check the invoice and dispatch off the ordered good. Generally, the cost of the site is about 8 % of that business' revenues which makes them fairly cheap to cover maintenance and continued management expenses. In addition, as business transactions are primarily handled electronically, there is no need for a large sales staff. The virtual storefront also minimises theft, damage, or breakage of the inventory. Other key business opportunities that will have taken place as a direct consequence of Xentrix Motors web presence will be the increase capacity to analyse the local, national and global competition through monitoring of rival competitors websites and performances. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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