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Business Plan

Extracts from this document...


The Proposal I propose to start up a new business called, 'Frosty Creams', located initially in Kingston-upon-Thames. This company will start up as a small business, which will hopefully grow to become a chain of shops. In each outlet, I will have a maximum of two employees serving at the same time as there will be a limited amount of space behind the counter. The primary product that Frosty Creams will be selling is ice cream, in addition to selling cakes and drinks. The ice cream will be offered in at least twelve different flavours, including the most popular flavours, for example: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours. Specialist dairy free ice-creams will also be offered. There will also be a range of toppings, such as fruit, flakes and wafers, that can be added to the ice cream - at an extra cost. The ice cream is offered in all seasons of the year. A range of popular cakes will also be sold at Frosty Creams, including; fruit cake, Victoria sponge, and chocolate gateaux cakes. Hot and cold take-away drinks will also be served, including a range of coffees and teas plus popular fresh fruit juices and small range of fizzy drinks. Frosty Creams will be offering 'tempting treats' in a market where people increasingly care about their health and the quality of their food. "In a study last year, 83 per cent of a panel of European nutritionists agreed that "tempting" foods, such as ice-cream, can help you to maintain a long-term healthy diet. It concluded that not only is ice-cream a good source of protein and the essential minerals calcium and phosphorus, both vital for healthy bones and teeth, but those who add variety and enjoyment to their diet are more likely to stick to healthy eating than those who rigidly exclude treats." 1 This study only applies to top quality ice cream, made fromtop quality ingredients - and this is what 'Frosty Creams' will provide. ...read more.


Weaknesses There is a lack of experience of management for Frosty Creams, as I haven't owned a business before. There I have little knowledge of how to run a business. This can make Frosty Creams vulnerable to other competitors, as they have more knowledge of how to run a business. This can be overcome by going on a managerial course in advancing my knowledge of current skills. I have lack of knowledge for the ice cream market. This is because I don't know whether customers are looking for quality ice cream. This is why I need know, what part of the market for ice creams is able to gain profit from the customers. Frosty Creams to know what ice cream is able to be more marketable than others. Opportunities There is good opportunities in increasing number of shops this would help Frosty Creams in order to create awareness of their primary quality product of ice cream. This will mainly be in SW London, the increase of shops in order to be able to keep on top of the managerial position. Frosty Creams can expand to different areas of the UK in the future when I have more experience as a manager, and have the right skills in order to keep on top of the other shops that are owned. This will create more awareness of the products in different areas of the UK. Frosty Creams has the chance to give people a healthy lifestyle. This is done by putting fresh ingredients into the ice cream, and also by having gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream. Threats Other shops which sell the same differentiated food, as this competition may provide better food and different better price range. Depending where their located they might earn more profit to Frosty Creams. Frosty creams must provide the best quality ice cream in the Kingston area and the best pricing strategy in order to compete against competition. ...read more.


If Frosty Creams was to expand into less developed countries it may mean that they need to improve their health and safety aspects. Frosty Creams would need to consider the training costs within the recruitment process. Legislations that Frosty Creams needs to keep on top of when recruiting employees are; Health and Safety at Work 1974 - Frosty Creams must have a general duty to provide for health, safety and welfare of those employee s that Frosty Creams employ. Information needs to be displayed to employees about any work related hazards and the precautions needed to contain them. This will minimise potential hazards to the minimum for each employee if there is an induction when the employee is recruited. Short term effects of not doing this can cause time and money. The long term effects of not doing this could be the loss of reputation if an employee has seriously harmed himself or herself. Race Relations Act 1970 - Frosty Creams needs to protect individuals against discrimination in terms of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin. This could help for recruitment, or just for possible promotion opportunities. Equal Pay Act 1970 - Women performing a similar job to men should be treated equally. This includes pay, work conditions and also opportunity for promotion and recognition. Frosty Cream must be aware of this. Social If the target market is experiencing a rise in demand of healthy ice cream, then this would mean that Frosty Creams would need to employ more staff to help meet the consumers demands, therefore having to spend more money. Technological If the tills are operated more electronically, Frosty Creams might need to spend more time training employees how to use the machine and how not to make mistakes. If anything goes wrong Frosty Creams may lose sales and profits if the machine till breaks down and needs to be replaced. 1 http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/healthy_eating/article544017.ece 2 http://www.upmystreet.com/ 3 http://www.findaproperty.com/searchresults.aspx?edid=04&salerent=1&areaid=0002 4 Applied Business Studies A2 Collins Book 5 Mintel Report - http://www.just-food.com/store/product.aspx?ID=57693 6 http://www.findaproperty.com/searchresults.aspx?edid=04&salerent=1&areaid=0002 7 http://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/ads247/recruitment/ 8 Applied Business A2 Collins Book 9 Applied Business A2 Collins Book ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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