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business plan and organise event

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London Academy Unit 13 - Organising an Event Mr Omonoseh Chetan Manek Contents Page 1.0 Introduction 3-6 1.1 Choice of event 3 1.2 Aims & Objectives 3 1.3 Target Market 3 1.4 Venue 3-4 1.5 Resources needed human and physical 4 1.6 Mode of transport 4 1.7 Cost: Fixed & Variable 4 1.8 Sources of Funding 4 1.9 Risk and Assessment 4 1.10 Promotion Communication 5-6 2.0 Research Investigation 7-11 2.1 Feasibility & Validity 7-8 2.2 Primary Research 8 2.3 Market Research 8-10 2.4 Secondary Research 11 2.5 Research Methods used 11 2.6 Research Methods not used 11-12 3.0 Planning-risk assessment, constraints and contingency plans 12-17 3.1 Plan of event 12-13 3.2 Action Plan 14 3.3 Risk Assessment 15-16 3.4 Sources of Funding/Budget for event 16 3.5 Critical Path Analysis 17 4.0 Staging the event 18-24 4.1 Running of event 18-22 4.2 My Contribution - Personal Targets 23 - Personal role in staging event 23 - Personal role in planning event 23 - Personal role in staging event 23-24 5.0 Review and Evaluate 25-26 5.1 What went well? 25 5.2 What was not done so well and why? 25-26 5.3 What could have been improved - why and how? 26 1.0 - Introduction For this unit, I have been asked to plan, organise, review and evaluate an organise an event. I will create both primary and secondary research to collect relative marketing and financial data that would assist me to create an appropriate strategy when organising an event. I will go through all the different procedures to ensure that I create a suitable 1.1 - Choice of event The idea of organising a PlayStation 2 tournament came from a something similar which was organised a year ago. An enterprise group held a Pro evolution soccer tournament, which was very successful and had a lot of people talking to each other. This is the reason why we decided to do something similar. ...read more.


Below is a programme which shows what is going to happen on each of the days for the tournament. I will show what will happen, the time it will start and who out of the group will be responsible for the activity. Time Activity 3:25pm Arrival 3:30pm 1st Match 3:40pm Prepare next match 3:45pm 2nd Match 3:55pm Prepare next match 4:00pm 3rd Match 4:10pm Prepare next match 4:15pm 4th Match 4:25pm Clean up 4:30pm Close Responsibilities Monday - Chetan and Michael Tuesday - Chetan and Mahesh Wednesday - Chetan and Michael Thursday - Chetan and Mahesh Friday - Chetan, Michael and Mahesh 3.2 - Action Plan Task Start Date Contacts Finish Date Notes Choice of Event : PES6 Tournament 14/09/06 Principal 15/09/06 We have confirmed with the Principal if we can go along and start the PES6 Tournament Aims, Objectives and Outcomes 18/09/06 Rest of Group 22/09/06 Target Market : 6th Formers 25/09/06 27/09/06 We have chosen 6th formers because this way it will be less responsibility for us to handle Venue: Preferably an ICT room 28/09/06 Principal Head of Year 1/10/06 We would need an ICT room because it would have a lot of electrical sockets that would be needed to operate the game and console Transport Transport is not required Cost: Fixed and Variable: Console and Game 2/10/06 Principal Owner of console and game 4/10/06 Promotion 5/10/06 6/10/06 To inform the 6th formers about the tournament, we will be putting posters around the 6th form area. 3.3 - Risk Assessment Lighting For the event, lighting was being provided in the room that we have based the tournament, although we will be turning them down in order for the players to see the projection board. The hazard that is found from this is that the people, who are not playing, will not be able to see where they are going. A solution to this to turn the lights ever so slightly so both the players can see the projection board clearly and the people who aren't playing can see where they are going when they are walking about. ...read more.


of the days a lesson got moved into the room which the tournament was taking place this meant that I was unable to get everything set up within the time limit and there was a small crowd outside the classroom. I made sure everyone was as quite as possible so that everything could be set up quickly. This worked well because although it started a bit later everything still ran smoothly once the tournament began. 5.3 - What could have been improved - why and how? If I was going to do the tournament again and prepare it a bit more thoroughly I would need to ensure that I try and avoid the problem I had with the availability of the power sockets in the room of the event. Overall I feel that the tournament went well and there is not to much that I could've changed as I had a nice crowd of people who participated and came to watch the event taking place. And whilst I was going through the running of the tournament I was also helped by a few of the senior students within the school who were helpful by making sure that everything was clean whilst the tournament was taking place. This saved time when the tournament was completed after each day as I didn't need to clean as much. Also the time scale of the event was a major success throughout the tournament, I thought at first that the expected time scale may not be followed and the tournament may run over each day but everyone was aware of the circumstances and there was no breaks between games. I also made sure that the game is kept running so that everyone gets their turn on the expected time. This made everyone happy as they were told when they will be playing and they will play on that specific day. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chetan Manek 13C Candidate No: 1606 Centre No: 12224 Page | 22 Page | 1 ...read more.

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