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Business plan for an outside catering business providing buffets and hot or cold drinks to businesses and to the general public for social events.

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Client Name: Susan Jones NI Number: XL 21 12 21 A CERTIFICATION DETAILS Enterprise Centre: Trafford Business Venture Business Counsellor (Name): Alan Smith Business Counsellor (Signature): Date: 16 January 2002 1: Personal Details (To be completed by NBS Client) Full Name: Susan Jones Trading Address: 1 Enterprise Street Trafford Manchester M99 9MM Telephone: 0161-222 2222 Fax: 0161-222 2223 e-mail: susan@success.trading.co.uk Business Name: Success Catering 2: Personal Profile In this section, please provide information in respect of your skills, qualifications and experience which have a direct bearing on your business and its chances of success. I have worked in local sandwich shops preparing food and serving customers for the past four years. Before this I had worked as a waitress in various restaurants. I have experience of cash handling through my work at the sandwich shops and have deputised for my last employer when he was not in the premises. I have a current Food Handling & Hygiene certificate (expires in 12 months) and have just completed the Business Start training course with Trafford Business Ventures learning all aspects of planning and operating a business. 3: Business Idea Please provide a concise description of your Business Idea identifying clearly, the product or service you plan to supply. I will be opening an outside catering business providing buffets and hot or cold drinks to businesses and to the general public for social events. ...read more.


I have taken this to a local solicitor and had witness of our signatures. As a result, I have sole occupancy of the kitchen at all times on an unpaid basis for as long as I provide food within the pub as agreed. If I wish to leave, I have to give one months notice in writing. 7: Start up Costs a) Business Equipment Using the table below, list all items of equipment, machinery, vehicles etc., which you will need to operate your business, plus your assessment of the value of each item. Enter the assessed values in the "Owned" column if you already have the item but in the"Required" column if you still have to purchase the item. Item of Equipment Owned (�) Required (�) Van 4,500.00 Cooking utensils 100.00 290.00 Crockery 420.00 Cutlery 278.00 Uniform 106.00 Total Value 206.00 5,488.00 b) Other Start up Costs In the table below list all items on which you must spend money before you can start to trade. If you have already spent money on some items, enter the amount spent in the "Owned" column. Please note that your entries for "Equipment" should match the value totals of the Equipment List, which you completed in section 7 of your plan. Item Owned (�) ...read more.


600.00 Advertising and Promotion 630.00 Repair and Renewals 410.00 Motoring Cost/Travel Cost 240.00 Rent and Rates 1300.00 Consumable Tools and Equipment 0.00 Accountancy and Legal Fees 200.00 Licences 300.00 Loan Interest 0.00 Bank Charges and Interest 174.00 Other Expenses 180.00 Depreciation 120.00 Total Overheads 1372.00 Pre Tax Net Profit 6186.00 Less Personal Drawings 11,314.00 Profit Surplus 10368 16: Managing your Business Describe how you plan to manage and control your business to ensure its continuing survival. I have arranged to attend the book-keeping and financial management courses at Trafford Business Venture to help my understanding of the records that I need to keep. I plan to use a simple cash analysis book-keeping system that my business advisor will help me draw up. I will have my business reviewed every couple of months by my business advisor at Trafford Business Venture who will be able to help identify areas of concern or opportunities for improvement. I will issue invoices using a computer at The Highwayman that I am allowed access to. All invoices are to be paid on delivery of food as agreed with customers. I have also put in place a simple diary system detailing what bookings I have and for what numbers, which buffet, etc. I will visit the suppliers every couple of days to get fresh stocks. The meat supplier and the dairy supplier are going to deliver. ...read more.

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