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business plan unit

Extracts from this document...


"The People's Catering Co." Business Plan Jake Schober Contents: Page # Contents of page 3-5 Introduction 6-8 Aims and Objectives 9 Stakeholders 10-11 Legal Form 12-13 Personal Statement 14-18 Market Research 19-23 Market Research Analysis 24-26 Competition Analysis 27-29 Marketing Plan 30 Human Resources 31 Physical Resources 32-33 Quality 34-37 Financial Resources 38-43 Costs 44 Cash flow analysis 45 Profit and loss analysis/explanation 46-48 ICT Introduction The business that will be starting is a catering business. The business will be called "The People's Catering Co." The business will be located in a villa near Salwa Road. This is because the company can rent out a villa with a big kitchen and will be able to produce more food for the catering. The reason why I have chosen this area near Salwa road is because it is an inexpensive area and is close to the main residential areas of Qatar. Also it is a reasonably accessible area. It is an ideal location for a business because a lot of businesses are located in this area. Therefore people will come into this area. It is a main connecting road in the centre of Doha and is a main highway. The catering business will produce foods for all social occasions, such as buffet's, customer required foods to order, delicacies and other foods that are required for catering. There will be some fully qualified chefs hired from Asia and India because it would make the business more profitable and more efficient service for the customers. I think that the business will succeed because there is a gap in the market for this type of service. This is because there are few places which supply this service in Qatar. The places which supply this service are the hotels around Doha. I think that the service provided by the hotels would not be as good as a private small business catering company. ...read more.


includes places such as dine in restaurants. This is because they do not provide the same service but a similar service. Instead of people entertaining at home they go out for dinner. Other indirect competitors that exist for my business include places such as pubs and clubs. This is because they provide an entertainment and people who wish to entertain their friends go out to these places instead of entertaining at home. An indirect competitor for my business includes places such as the rugby club, cloud 9 and other pubs and clubs around Doha. I believe once my business is up and running and is a profitable busoiness and is acquiring good business I think that the competitors will respond accordingly. I don't believe that they will alter their prices and their way of marketing once my business has entered the market, this is because the business is only a small business and is not of a great threat to multinational companies. I think that my competitors such as the hotels may not even worry about the loss of business in the way of catering in Doha, because they are such large businesses the loss that they will be making from the catering may not make a difference in the end of the years trading profit. However if the catering businesses in the hotels are separately owned to the hotel which their premises are in I think that they may react to the up rising of my catering company. In conclusion I believe that there is a lot of direct and indirect competitors. Therefore I will need to do a market analysis every 3 or 4 months to make sure that my business is making progress and to work out when the quiet times of business are and when the business is becoming high in demand. Marketing Plan A marketing plan is used to find out if your business will be successful and to discover and explain ways of making it successful. ...read more.


This can be useful for a business because they can have information about their business. Also things such as customer feedback sheets can be placed on the site and many other details that you wish your customers to be able to view. The above programs can be very useful to the business if they are used in the correct way. My business "The People's Catering Co." will use Microsoft word, excel, publisher, power point, Dream Weaver MX and Flash to help run my business. These are the basic programs which are required in order to run the business efficiently. These programs will improved efficiency through making it easier to sort out documents and to find documents. Without these programs the business would have to sort out its customer logs and do all of its reports by hand. If this was to be done one simple mistake in the document would mean it would have to be thrown out and started all over again. Where if a mistake is done on the computer you can simply go back and change the error. Also by using programs such as word creating general letters is much easier due to you can have the letter typed up and just edit the names, dates and amounts on it and then hand it out to your customers, suppliers or who ever is in need of the document to be handed to them. If this was not to be done on the computer the letter or document would have do be written out fresh every time one is needed to be handed out. I will not use programs such as Sage to begin with because it is a very expensive software program and is unnecessary for a new business to be using it. Once the business is making a profit and develops and becomes a large business that is a leading competitor and has hold of a large majority of the market then specialist programs such as Sage will be purchased. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jake Schober 12HBR 1 ...read more.

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