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Business Report of A Marketing Mix

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Business Report on a New Flavour of Ice-Cream For Baskin-Robbins Introduction We at Baskin Robbins have worked together to form our most well thought of product yet the new ice-cream flavour Choco-Berry Mush. In order to pitch our ideas to the board we have created a marketing mix to display our idea and how we plan to launch it. We conducted market research in the early stages of production our main method was the use of questionnaires. This is a sample of the questionnaire we used:- Baskin Robbins Survey on New Flavour Kindly fill in the Questionarre by circling your answer How old are you ? (1) 10-20 (2) 20-30 (3) 30-40 How often do you visit BR ? (1) Once a week (2) Three Times a Week (3) ...read more.


Furthermore we calculated SWOT analysis on our product to analyse its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We concluded with...... Strengths Weaknesses * Good brand image * Sales in home country are increasing * Necessary changes to production would mean a rise in the cost of production Opportunities Threats * Could sell in markets abroad * New brands in the market are steadily increasing the competition PRODUCT:- Our product it the Choco-Berry Mush an innovative new flavour it combines the rich creamy taste of chocolate and the sweet tangy flavour of raspberry to form one mouth watering treat. Our product already has an established brand name so the next step would be a suitable packaging. Packaging serves two major purposes to protect the good and keep it from getting spoilt and to make the product more attractive to consumers. ...read more.


Limited coupons shall also be issued to come and try our new flavour for 10% off. Furthermore we have planned an entire advertising campaign using billboards on major roads, in family magazines, regular adverts on the radio with a catchy theme song and finally advertisements on children's as well as family TV channels. Place:- We have decided to launch our product initially in a region in which our sales are high primarily and where the temperatures are also high due to the fact that most people consume our product during times which are hot and dry. Our initial place of launch will be exclusive to only selected major outlets. Following a successful response to the product, the product will go on to a full launch in the region. This will be followed by a world wide release of Choco-Berry Mush. DONE BY ..... * Alia Siddiqui * Ayesha Dumasia * Meryll VAz * Saher HAji Munnavar * Tarun Bhatia And * Zara Ali Khan ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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