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Business report on Bp Amoco.

Extracts from this document...


BUSINESS REPORT ON BP AMOCO By Mayowa Abiola CONTENTS 1) Introduction 2) Background information 3) Objectives 4) Organisational structure 5) Culture & communication methods 6) Quality control and assurance 7) Conclusion 8) References 9) Appendices 10) Bibliography Chapter 1.1 INTRODUCTION Aim or report The aim of my report is to provide detailed analysis on BP. BP is the UK's largest company, it is not possible to cover all the aspects of the organisation. I will be focusing on the objectives BP has set itself, the functional areas BP are using to run their business successfully, I will also be looking at the ownership BP are classified in. As it is a business report, I will concentrate on financial and economic issues, but these cannot be viewed in isolation. Additionally I will be viewing the social, ethical, and political aspects of BP, evaluating the information critically. This involves independent assessment and not just information provided by BP, I cannot look into much detail at the past, present, or future of BP, but I can provide some aspects of the history, which help understand the present. I can also look at interesting current developments, which help give information about BP's likely future. Method of report Most of my report will be drawn from secondary data. The report does contain some original research. BP provides much of my secondary data. This is good because it is clear, abundant and up-to-date, but where it is biased, I will try to point this out. The report will be typed up text, using a variety of ICT skills. Different types of font etc. to make it clear and eye catching. It will also be helped by photography, diagrams, tables, and graphs to display the information in ways that make it easier to get the main points. I have learned a lot of theory about business at work, and I will apply this to lots of specific examples throughout the report. ...read more.


Germany's federal cartel vowed to block BP move to acquire Veba Oil, the owners of Aral, who in turn are Germany's biggest petrol retailer. The acquisition would give BP 25% of the German Market (Guardian Unlimited '01, 30th Nov). BP's new investment in Tibet is under fire, as it is such a poor country, and BP's presence there could leave a lot of the inhabitants homeless. (Independent on Sunday "1, 22nd April). Corporate Watch, a watchdog organisation, clam: * BP Amoco spent 588 times more on buying the oil company ARCO fro $26.5 billion than it has for Solarex. * BP Amoco spent $100 million, more than double this solar investment on legal/advisors fees buying ARCO. * BP Amoco has stated that the merger company will spend $5 billion in the next five years on exploration and production in Alaska up from the combined $4.5 billion that the two companies spent in the past five years. * For every $10,000 BP Amoco spent on oil exploration and development in 1998, $16 was spent on solar energy. Chapter 5.1 FACTORS OF PRODUCTION All businesses have what you would call, 'factors of production'. These are a series of resources that are utilised to produce goods or services. The resources are divided into categories known as the 'factor of production'. I will list a number of factors of production; LAND This is everything on or under the earth, such as coal, rivers seas, and other natural resources. It is more or less, natural resources that are to be extracted and used. LABOUR This refers to the people that produce the goods or services in a company. It is the people that provide the physical or mental work. CAPTIAL These are the things that help to produce the goods or service, such as machinery, offices, factories, etc. ENTERPRISE These are the people who have the ideas, experience, and are able to bring together the other factors. ...read more.


All the different issues that may cloud BP have been evaluated carefully, and with an open mind. These are the main points: BP is amongst the world's largest companies, so it has to be judged from all areas that surround it. It can not be simply against doing good things, but from what we expect from such a prominent organisation. This business report includes the history of BP, which shows how BP got to where it is now. As well as the past, the report looks into the future too. BP is not a easy company to judge, as it is constantly changing. Every time it acquires a new company, or merges, it takes on a different shape. An example of this is in the change of objectives in 2001, where they state that they should be judged by whether they grow fast in the future. Fluctuations with companies like BP are the norm, as oil prices rise and fall all too frequently. But this is only in the short term. Over the long run there is more stability. After the tragedy of September 11th, BP has been going through a difficult period, there position in the next 5 years is under speculation, as rumours of the world's largest oil company, Exxon Mobil going bankrupt have surfaced. This report is roughly 50 pages long, therefore it could not cover all the issues of BP, even the things covered in this report could have been dealt with in much more detail. The most important omissions are in areas where information is very sensitive, where BP is reluctant to make it public, and etc. I have not really been able to get fully into the organisation structure of neither the 150 business units, nor the extent to which, they are bound by common rules rather than fully allowed to do their own thing. More time would have allowed me to purpose some aspects of this further but I only had 3 months to do all the research and writing up. BP Amoco Business Report Mayowa Abiola ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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