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Business resources P1

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P1, Describe how a selected business manages its existing human resources Human Resource is a means of management that connects employees to the strategy of a business or organisation. There are several functions that apply to human resources such as recruitment and retention, training and promotion, finance and payroll, health and safety, contracts of employment, motivation and incentives, job description, person specification, disciplinary action and trade unions. Human resources has numerous goals to meet the needs of the business the goals are to link human resource strategies to the business goals and objectives, to find ways for human resources to add value and to gain the commitment of employees. The business which I have chosen to investigate will be Sainsbury and operates in is the retail sector. The industry it runs in is the food industry. The functions of human resources within Sainsbury are * recruitment and retention * training and promotion * finance and payroll * health and safety * contracts of employment * motivation and ...read more.


For example the manager, supervisors and sales assistant will need to be safe in the working environment. This is both legal and moral obligation for Sainsbury. Sainsbury have contracts of employment as part of the human resource functions because it is important for the employees to know what their contracts states. The employee needs to know how long the contract runs for, how many hours there have to work every day, the total hours they have to work every week, salaries they are going to get paid, how many days there have holiday and how many days there have sick pay. The employee needs to know these so that they don't break their contract. Sainsbury have motivation and incentives as part of the human resource functions because it is important for the employees to feel that if they work hard and achieve they target they would be rewarded. ...read more.


Sainsbury have a uniform culture within their business. Sainsbury uniform is wearing a black or navy trousers and a t-shirt with Sainsbury name on the shirt. The Sainsbury staffs have to wear name badges also you call the staff by their first name. Sainsbury uniform is used so that everybody feels equal and is part of one team who are working together. Sainsbury staffs have to wear name badges so that the customers recognise them when they are being served by the customers. Sainsbury have a team who solve problems which staff encounter at work or problem which they may have outside work such as personal life. Sainsbury have staff helpline number for staff who would want to report any problems which they may have. The staff could also go to their managers or supervisors to report the problems. For example staff may want to report bullying or theft to their managers, supervisors or the staff helpline. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdulaziz Omar 30/01/2009 Unit 2 - Investigation Business Resources 1 ...read more.

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