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Business resources P2

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P2, Describe the main physical and technological resources that needs to be considered in the running of a selected organisation. Sainsbury is an organisation which uses physical and technological resources in order to run it business. Physical resources are resources which can be seen and felt which can be used by the organisations. Technological resources are resources which can be seen and felt as well also resources which can be seen and felt as well. Some of the resources include fixed asset. It is important for an organisation like Sainsbury to manage its resources well so that they can gain the maximum benefit of the resources. Also it is important for Sainsbury to manage its resources so that they use it effectively and smoothly. An organisation will not be much successful if they don't use their resources professionally and usefully. It is important for Sainsbury to manage it resources so it is maintained useful for over a period of time. ...read more.


The functions and benefits of security are to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff and customers while in the premises. The benefit of the security is that you would be able to prosecute whoever is breaking the law while in the premises. Also the benefits are that you have protection for your products and see whether they are being stolen. The forms of security can be CCTV camera, security guard and security dogs. The main technological resources of Sainsbury * Website * Computers/Tills * Intellectual property * Accumulated experience * Copyright/Patent * Software The functions and benefits of the website are so that the business can generate more revenues of income into the business. Moreover the benefits are to help the company achieve the company sales targets. Furthermore the functions of the website are to increase awareness of Sainsbury's products and advertisements. The functions and benefits of the computers and tills are to help Sainsbury keep control of its stock system and database. ...read more.


The functions and benefits of copyright and patent is that Sainsbury have paid to have the right for a specific thing such as they name, logo, colour and webpage. Moreover the benefit of this will be that if someone decides to use the specific things which are copyrighted to Sainsbury then Sainsbury have the rights to sue them. Furthermore the function of copyright and patent is to make that no one uses they copyright and patent properties without the consent. The functions and benefits of the software is that it will help Sainsbury counting stock as it is done by the software connected to the tills and stock system management in place. Moreover the benefit of the software is that it will help Sainsbury reduce time as the software will do the processes much faster rather than doing it manually. . Furthermore the functions of the software is for example Sainsbury have self checkout tills meaning that they don't need staff to work on tills. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdulaziz Omar Pass 2 Unit 2 - Investigating Business Resource ...read more.

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