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Business SMART targets

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M1: Demonstrate how to manage the SMART targets set out in your career plan. SMART targets provide a clear outline of what needs to be done and how the outcome will be assessed. S - Specific target meaning I have set myself a specific target and aim which is after choosing university I would be studying business management, as I know after college I still would want to carry on with business further in the future. If I haven't set a Specific target then this would mean I wouldn't know what to do and if I have chosen a different course and it didn't benefit me in the future it would be no use as I would be wasting my time so it's vital that I know what I want to do for my career. M - Measurable, achieving targets which are being recorded and also checked regularly. As I set myself of having 100% attendance and punctuality as it would help me at university and look good on my UCAS profile as they would take me serious and know I am keen to study everyday without taking a day off as they take attendance and punctuality very seriously. ...read more.


I would be keeping update with my CV's which I would be including my experience which I would be volunteering working in retail shops which I would have experience and know on what business to open. If I do not meet any of my deadlines at all then I wouldn't know how to manage time as its very important if I want to manage and run a business of my own. Time management Time management is a range of skills and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals. The important point is that time management is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, because much more important than that is making sure that you are working on the right things, the things that truly need to be done and monitor things I have set myself down. There are 6 main steps to time management such as:- 1. Get To Know Yourself; As my long term is to open up my own business for my career plan therefore I would need to know need to know what I need to get trained as a management and run a business on what to improve and what are the things that I don't ...read more.


When I set my targets I wouldn't be setting them and supposedly get them done all in one go would be setting targets for more then 5 years as it would need time to learn skills and achieve targets. By planning my career this would give me the motivation to achieve my goals as I know what I want to do for my upcoming future. What may go wrong through poor time management? If I do not have good management skills then this would affect me to achieve my goals on time. This is very important if I go university I need to have time management skills for example if I do not hand in my coursework on time within the deadline this means my failed my course just for one piece of work. If I don't improve straight away then this would be difficult to get into university. The way I can improve is that I set myself targets and deadline and stick to them, this would help me in university as I can get the work done on time. Success in my targets and goals: ...read more.

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