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Business solution: I aim to design a computer application that integrates all the companies support needs in one system.

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Business Solution By Peter Carroll 1.0 Background 1.1 Task Select a business situation, that has a problem, in some business way. Produce a scenario to demonstrate the business area of activity and the present working practices, both of a functionality and technical nature. From your scenario, produce a report to the management that satisfies the Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. Demonstrating the problem(s) and your proposal in order to solve them through the use of business application development tools, packages and techniques. 1.2 The Scenario I work for a consultancy that specialises in engineering however the companies finance system and HR system is outdated, and the company is growing larger each day as a result of winning successful bids for new contracts. The need to develop the existing network and back office system is imperative to survive in today's market. The company has three building within London and employs 300 staff with varying skills and capabilities. The specialisation and nature of the business is transport system engineering and the majority of staff employed are skilled technicians and engineers, however there is a large number of staff making up the finance and HR departments. My role in the company is to provide cost saving solutions and ways to improve and develop efficiency throughout the business. As assistant manager within the business development team I have been asked by my senior manager to help maximise the support and efficiency project managers, business managers and support staff have within the company. ...read more.


2.2 The "Back Office" System or "Saturn" The new "back office" system will be named "Saturn" to provide an easier understanding for the user and also management. It will be an independent system that will serve the business as an application tool to reduce time consuming tasks and integrating all support needs for the business. The main aims for the package are as follows: * Improved management efficiency and effectiveness as a result of self-service report generation and better access to management information * Improved information quality leading to better decision making * Reduction in administration costs and as a result more productive time for finance and HR departments * Reduced running cost of old computer system due to implantation of a better managed network * Reduction in overall procurement due to better spending on real business needs - This will be achieved with an online ordering system for Admin which will have a direct link with stationery suppliers, couriers and car rental services. The extent to which we will benefit as a business from SATURN will depend on our roles but I expect most of us to work more efficiently by having easier access to key information and be more effective by having it when we need it. In the longer term, I expect us all to benefit by utilising a broader range of services as the role of our support functions moves to be more dependable and realising what needs we have as our business grows. ...read more.


The refresh is imperative to survive in today's market and provide our employees with better working methods, It will also help us in recruitment and other areas such as communication throughout the business which is a key issue for team work. Before the refresh and introduction of Saturn takes place It will be necessary for an in-depth review to be carried out by contracted network specialists of all existing hardware and the existing IT infrastructure to ascertain what equipment can be salvaged prior to a refresh of the entire IT system. A design for the new system will have to be designed based on our requirements and future needs. As you can see from the time scale plan the planning and implementation for the refresh is quite a time consuming process however it is assumed that the staff should see no difference in working methods as normal until the time of launch has arrived. The need for this change is critical for future work in this market and will make previous working methods a thing of the past. The new system will make us a much more efficient and capable company. These benefits will only result from aligning the way we work with our new processes for managing basic tasks. The extent to which we benefit as a business from Saturn will depend on our roles. In the longer term, I expect us all to benefit by utilising a broader range of services as the role of our support functions moves from being largely transactional to being more advisory and strategic, helping us all to realise our potential. 4. ...read more.

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