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Business studies - Foundation.

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Business Studies Assignment B - Foundation Task: P2 McDonald's vision is to be the UK's best quick service restaurant experience. McDonalds now serves over 45 million customers every day. McDonalds customers are mainly those young people, student, families, children's and single young people. McDonald's restaurants are family restaurants, and they make up by far the largest number of the 2.5 million customers we serve every day in the UK It sells/make different brands of sandwiches. The Big Mac is McDonald's flagship product. McDonald's other main brands are: * Chicken McNuggets. * McDonald's Filet-o-fish. * Egg McMuffin. * McChicken sandwich. * McDonald's Vegetable Deluxe. * And McFlurry. McDonalds is classified in Tertiary sector, which provide product/service through developing new brand and through excellence in McDonalds restaurant to build strong relationship between customers and McDonald. I have also chosen to investigate Dixie's, which is a sole trader and which operates in tertiary sector. Dixie's sells: * Chicken and chips. * Burger/chicken burger/fish burger * And cold drinks. Dixie's customers are young people; families and children's all these people are their target. Task: P1 McDonald is a public limited company. A public limited company is a separated legal body owned by shareholders and run/managed by directors, shares couldn't be sold without permission of the Board of Directors. ...read more.


Customers are important and they are taken into account (their view wear the business) customers interest is to keep them happy and listening to them. The government is also one of the stakeholder, they can have influence on the business and the way it is run, they tax the business and invest it on other areas i.e. education, health service and transport, the government also cover all laws. Dixie's stakeholders are customers that are interested in getting good service, after sale service as well as having help and advised. The owner is one of the stakeholders and their interest goes on earning more profit from their business. The local community and government as a stakeholder are interesting in the business. As it is a small business it has les stakeholders, which means less pressure the business. M1 There is a link between the activity of my both business and location. Both Dixie's and McDonald's activity is retailing which is selling fast food that's why it will need to be near to customers and markets. The location of McDonald's as it's a large business and also large in size, depends on issues such as the cost of the land. It would locate where the cost of land is cheap and near to transport links where it would be easy for customers to reach. ...read more.


Burger King, Nando's, KFC, and any local Kebab shop are example of McDonalds competitors. McDonalds customers for example may prefer to by chicken from the other competitors like KFC because it specialise more on that than McDonalds. Customers may also prefer to buy from Dixie's or a Local Kebab shop because it might sell for lower price. Burger King and Local Kebab shop are example of Dixie's competitors. Burger King will be bigger competitor than the Local Kebab shop because it is well known and it has lots of branches. Some times businesses need to be seen located as it's competitors, because customers expect to see similar businesses at the same place. The compaction between Dixie's or McDonalds with the other shops around that area may become little if they are selling different product with different prices, which mean different customers, more chance of making more profit and less risk of loosing your customers. D2 Conflicts may occur from time to time between the stakeholders, which the business has to handle e.g. Customers may want longer opening hours which may effect on the employees and be forced to work longer hours, McDonalds customers for example may want lower prices, which mean a lesser amount of profit for the shareholders, business such as McDonalds need to take in account that the local community is one of the stakeholders who demand in a clean environment and charities which could trim down the profit. Assignment B - Foundation ...read more.

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