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Business & Sustainability

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Business & Sustainability - Part 1 - Group Project After evaluating the report I conclude that Tesco fall into the Corporate Citizenship part of the Ethics-Morality Continuum which can be seen as above. This business fall into this category because it provide information and implements certain actions relating to the different issues involved in this category. Social development which is a key part of the Corporate Citizenship and can be defined as "...actions taken by organisation ....to improve the social, economic, cultural or environmental conditions of a society" Tesco have got a range of different policies which deals with different issues relating to the environment. Due to this I can say that the policies within Tesco cover all the basis part of the Social development issues at high standards. So the policies for Tesco are excellent however, there are still issues relating to some policies which are of concern for both Tesco supermarkets and Morrisons supermarket. For example the policy in question is the seafood policy because according to the Greenpeace oceans campaign both Tesco and Morrisons are fairly poor at this. "In our October 2005 report into the state of supermarket seafood... with Tesco and Morrisons also faring poorly. The research revealed that Britain's biggest retailers are responsible for the destruction of fish stocks.... UK's major supermarkets are selling endangered and threatened varieties of fish." Morrison according to the table below show that Morrisons now the worst performing UK supermarket on seafood because Asda now have employed certain policies to tackle the issues of seafood. ...read more.


- The balance of payments deficit - Loss of bio-diversity in the countryside - Britain's 'waste crisis' - Poor diet and its effects - Pollution and ill health caused by chemical dependant agriculture - The well being of developing countries - Our absolute dependence on oil - Falling employment in agriculture and allied industries - Animal welfare - Loss of community - The cost to the taxpayer of propping up agriculture and the rural economy When people, farmers, small businesses or politicians complain about 'the supermarkets', the fundamental concern is about market share and the power it brings. What is and what isn't a 'supermarket' must therefore be defined according to how much market share a business has. Over two-thirds of the supermarkets do not produce a report on their environmental impact. Pesticides are an example of the lack of environmental momentum in the supermarket sector. Even if people don't buy organic they want food that is free from contamination. Government Pesticide Safety Directorate results have shown that supermarkets have failed to reduce overall pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables during the last five years. Fairtrade is connected to political trends as they involve Global and Government Issue. For every �1 that shoppers in the UK spend on bananas, banana plantation workers receive only 1.5p, resulting in orkers labouring 11- to 12-hour days and still not being able to feed their families. ...read more.


Retail sales indices - seasonally adjusted (2000=100) The volume of retail sales indicates modest growth over recent months, following a period of no overall growth from late 2004 to mid 2005. The volume of retail sales in the three months August to October 2005 was 0.7 per cent higher than in the previous three months. This follows growth of 0.4 per cent in the three months to September and compares with growth of 0.9 per cent at the same time in 2004. Some technological advances-such as computer scanning cash registers and automated warehouse equipment-have boosted productivity, but these innovations are not expected to severely threaten employment levels. In fact, past technological improvements like scanners and electronic data interchange are expected to improve opportunities in areas such as category management and distribution. Increasing competition from large discount department stores will encourage the industry to continue to improve its efficiency by adopting new technologies and procedures and by reducing redundancies, especially in the supply lines. However, many tasks, such as stocking shelves on the sales floor or accepting payment from customers, cannot be performed effectively by machines. In addition, many consumers have demonstrated their strong desire for personal services. For example, customers want managers to answer questions about store policy and services; they want cashiers and courtesy workers to answer questions, bag goods, or help them bring shopping to their cars; and they want workers in specialty departments to advise them on their purchases and fill personal orders by providing special cuts of meat, fish, or poultry. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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