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Business Venture - Dance Club

Extracts from this document...


Anna Draganova 13S 5a) > Business Venture - Dance Club. I am choosing dance club because it is enjoyable for me, gives pleasure to the people to go out and just spend one night trying to not think about their problems. Also I did choose it because I do have some experience with it. A few years ago my family used to run a nightclub, which was based on the beach, and we did enjoy doing that kind of business. > Business Venture's name - "Plazma" I choose that name because it is catchy and it easy to remember, after you hear it will stuck in you mind. First I though to be Night Club "Tequila" but then I asked a few people what they think of it what it coming in their minds when they hear it, and most of them said that after they hear the name means that the club will be more with Latino music, which actually disappoint me. They I had to come with name that is appropriate for techno/house club that will give you some image in your head about the club, and I came up with Dance Club "Plazma". I though of having also a motto for the club - "The Underground Sound Of London" > I think the nightclub should not be like other clubs on Leicester Sq., which plays R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop. People need something different. And because of the fact that most of the night clubs are playing same type of music I have decided this night club to play most of the time Techno/ House/ Progressive / Club music. But also knowing that most of the nightclubs which are on Leicester Sq are Hip-Hop R&B and Pop I have decided Dance Club "Plazma" to be playing two days in the week these styles of music. > What attributes of an entrepreneur do you have? ...read more.


In order to maximize our customer's safety, we even have metal detectors at the front entrance. Dance Club Plazma will offer alcoholic drinks such as spirits (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, scotch, rye), coolers & cider, wine, and beer. We aim to provide customers with other specialty alcoholic drinks (special mixes) as well, that are only available at Plazma to set us apart from the other competitors. Besides alcoholic drinks, we have beverages such as Coke, Red Bull, and water. The goal at Plazma is to provide more than the service of providing alcohol, but to give the customer an enjoyable experience that they will not easily forget. The main prices are for the cover, membership, and food & drinks. o Our cover charge is �15 (those with membership cards are exempt from paying) o We offer two levels of membership cards - gold card, black card - each with its own special privileges and benefits o The alcoholic drink prices for beer and hi-balls range from o Wine and Champagne range from per bottle Although the nightclub consists of a differentiated type of music, superior customer service and a more mature atmosphere in relation to our competitors, our prices are very similar in all respects. With the pricing of products in the nightclub at comparable levels to other competitors, we are conveying to our customers that great service does not need to cost more. We focus on providing our customers with a place for entertainment, to meet new people, and to make our customers feel that they are not stuck. With Dance Club Plazma being a new venture with a pioneering concept an aggressive marketing program is vital. Advertising combined with internal promotions will create a buzz about the nightclub. Promotions such as concerts and live entertainment featuring celebrities attendance and a variety of DJ's will give people reasons, other than our competitive advantages, to come and enjoy all Plazma has to offer. ...read more.


Your role therefore includes understanding the business side of things. Spend time learning the basics of accounting and bookkeeping in order to understand where your money is coming from. You will be more equipped to manage cash flows, control inventory, and make financial decisions that affects your business. It is critical that you are able to maximize your sources of revenues (e.g. is your biggest slice of income coming from events or bar charges?) and minimize the costs. It is important to maintain strict control of all costs, at all times, without exception, the first step of which is to set targets for food costs and total beverage costs. 8. Flexibility and proper space planning. You can maximize your nightclub's potential by creating different atmospheres to attract varied clientele. Through proper space planning, your club can be a restaurant by day and a club by night. At night, you can transform part of the unused diner's area to a dance floor. You can further subdivide the floor plan by creating a quaint mezzanine where customers can relax, underneath of which bars and DJ booths can be created. A section can be cordoned off for a VIP area. 9. Security and safety. Maintaining security and safety is paramount to the successful operation of any nightclub. Your management team and staff should be keen to explore any methods that create the safest environment possible for customers to continue to enjoy their nights out. Make sure that your facility is in accordance with fire ordinances in your area, including number and size of exits. Do not wait for a tragedy such as fire resulting in the death of your patrons to occur before making a thorough evaluation of the safety of your premises. It is also your role to ensure that assaults and other crimes do not occur in your premises involving your customers. To tackle anti-social behavior, a major nightclub in Scotland even went so far to introduce plastic beer bottles in a bid to cut down on violent assaults. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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