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Business Venture: Provision of an eatery providing hot and cold meals.

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ANGLIA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY ASHCROFT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL BUSINESS STUDIES SET SEMESTER 1 MODULE NAME: Introduction to Marketing (MODULE CODE : BSB 1M01) Level : 1 Student Name: Gwyneth Morris-Alexander Student Number: TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page ..... ..... i Table of Contents .... .... ii INTRODUCTION .... .... 1 * Business Venture * Resources Identified PLAN OF ACTION .... .... 2 * Marketing Audit * Analysis of Information * Mission Statement * Specific Objectives * Business Plan o Legal o Financial * Marketing Mix o Product o Place o Price o Promotion o People CONCLUSION .... .... 7 REFERENCE SECTION * Bibliography .... .... 8 * Appendix To: Mr. Simon Wright From: Gwyneth Morris-Alexander Topic: Marketing - Small Business Date: January 4, 2003 Dear Sir, In response to your request on assistance in the questions that need to be answered before proceeding any further with your business venture, I wish to submit the following report. Business Venture: Provision of an eatery providing hot and cold meals. Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. Resources Identified: > Seed money to start the business. ...read more.


What purposes would they serve in the Business? Such workers must meet health requirements. * Legal: You would also need to determine the legal requirements that need to be met before a business is set up. These include: > Inspection of the proposed outlet by the Health Authority. > Registration and naming the business. > Registration with the Bureau of Standards. > Registration with the Value Added Tax office. > Health badges for 6 workers. You would also need to look at the business structure you will be embarking upon. Since you are a group of friends, a partnership may be the most suitable structure. It is fairly easy to set up, but for safety, a lawyer should formally draw it up. You need to ensure that within the document there is a business name, partner, and the length of time of partnership and how profits and losses are to be allocated. SBDC (1994) p.20 (See Appendix C). This type of structure is flexible and allows all partners to have a shared responsibility for the success/failure of the business. * Financial: There is need to do a financial plan to ensure that the money available is adequate to give you a good start. ...read more.


It is also easily accessible, being just off the main street. * Price/Profit: The price should be affordable. Not too high, to send customers elsewhere and not too low, to have them feel that what is being offered is sub-standard. It should also be borne in mind that it should also provide a profit margin if the business is to remain in operation. * Promotion: You also need to decide on how you are going to advertise or promote your business. You may use: o Fliers to the various offices around. o Posters in the community. o Newspaper adverts or any other appropriate measure. However you must always remember that your best advertisement is the quality and taste of the food served and the service provided. * People: Finally, your desire is always to please the customer, a customer focussed culture. Every worker must be encouraged to give customer service, as they will determine the success and good name of the company. Conclusion: In conclusion, your business venture has the potential for success, but it must be approached in a structured way, ensure that all the groundwork is done and that all the partners in the venture have a part to play in the decision making and own the responsibility of making it the finest eatery in the area. ...read more.

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