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Busness Planning. Target Market: My restaurant will be looking to attract different types of customers, such as, families, couples and older people

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M2 Target Market: My restaurant will be looking to attract different types of customers, such as, families, couples and older people and In this way I will be able to get more customers and will also be able to generate more sales and profit for my business. Theme: The theme of the restaurant will be tropical with a wide range of different colours combination, such as, Green, Brown and Yellow. This will show the customers that the place is a very joyful place to visit as it will have many exciting colours on the wall. However if the place is very quiet and the colours on the wall are very dull then it will seems to the customers that the place is not that beautiful. They may decide not to visit the restaurant. My restaurant will be located near Dark Forest ride. I have chosen this site because there are lot of customers that will be passing through and some might feel like visit the restaurant. ...read more.


This is because some customers always prefer healthy food menu as they want to stay healthy and by providing healthy food menu at my restaurant, I will be able to attract all types of customers to my restaurant as well. We also offer value meal to our customers at a very lower price. Some customers may have tight budget and for these sorts of customers, we offer our product at a lower price. We also place some of our product at special offer. We do this to attract more customers to our restaurant. Level of Service: We are looking to provide high standard of service to our customers. This is because customer would normally expect high standard of service to be available to them at the restaurant therefore providing high standard of service is very vital and would satisfy the customer needs. The level of service is that the menu will be placed on every table for the customers, so when the customers come in they can place their order right away after deciding what they would like have. ...read more.


This will shows my customers the sign of first good impression. Layout: The layout of the restaurant will be very different comparing to other restaurants at the park. My restaurant will have 2 floors with first floor having 12 tables and second floor with 15 tables. This is because we will be looking to attract as many as customers we can so we need enough tables and seats to allocate them. The restaurant will have 1 lift which customers can use to get to the second floor and lift is also useful for disable people and we are also providing toilet facilities to our customer in both floors Customer flows: The restaurant will have automatic doors for customer to use. The entrance will be wide enough for customers to walk in and will be wide enough for wheelchair users to access and out also will be wide enough or , customer to enter and exit at the same time. My restaurant will also provide fast service which allows my customer to get their service a lot quicker. ...read more.

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