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Cadbury's origins go back over a hundred years.

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P U B L I C L I M I T E D C O M P A N Y Introduction: Cadbury's origins go back over a hundred years. John Cadbury first started selling tea and coffee in 1824 in Birmingham. Cocoa and initially incidental, became Cadbury's main business within a few years. Overtime Cadbury's popularity drove the company in to success. In 1969 Cadburys merged with Schweppes originating from 1783 when Jacob Schweppe perfected his process of manufacturing mineral water in Geneva. Since then the company has expanded internationally to become the leaders in sugar confectionery. Cadbury Trebor Bassett the largest wing of the company based in Bournville merged with the well known companies Trebor Mints and Bassett's in 1990 to form the UK based stronghold Cadbury Trebor Bassett. Aims of the Business: Like all businesses Cadbury's also has aims to help them plan and set targets for what they want to achieve. These aims that Cadbury Trebor Bassett abide by not only concern its welfare but also concern the welfare of the business but also concern the affects of its existence to the local community and environment. Amongst those aims Cadbury's core aims to strive successfully in the competitive market of confectionery is to: * Working together to create brands people love * Make a profit These aims are the guidelines of Cadbury's successful existence in the highly competitive market of confectionery. Other aims for a company like Cadbury's to attain success might be: * Be environmentally friendly * Provide Charitable and Voluntary Services * Maximise sales and increase the quality of a product * Survive as a business or expand * Provide a highly competitive service These aims play a major role behind the success of Cadbury Trebor Bassett. It is vital that Cadbury's strictly adhere to these aims in order to receive maximum results. By donating to charities Cadbury's helps various causes based around various people whether it is national or international. ...read more.


This allows the Cadbury's to keep in touch with its employees and constantly update the offers it has for its employees. This develops a good employer-employee relationship. It boosts the confidence and morality of the employee making it more effective. Successful businesses like Cadbury's develop their products and services to anticipate consumer demands and satisfy them .It is important that Cadbury's employees are kept up to date with changes and developments that affect their jobs and careers. This not only benefits Cadbury's but also improves the employees' future job prospects. It is via the Human resources team that this achieved. This shows the importance of the Human Resources team to the business. Functional Areas: Finance Businesses like Cadbury's needs to manage all its income and expenditures. They also need understand this information in order to be able to take the next step. To do this Cadbury's has a finance team led by David Kappler the Chief Financial Officer. This team is set with the duty of monitoring all finance related issues relating to Cadbury's such as expenditure, income, profit etc. This information is stored and provided to the executives via the Chief Financial Officer. Some of the tasks that the finance team are involved with include: * Preparing accounts * Paying wages and salaries * Obtaining Capital resources This information is stored in records. It allows the companies executive and non-executive board members to understand the company's financial situation as well as decide new moves which would help it. This could mean that the company will merge or take over a smaller company. The decisions of Cadbury's fate are assisted by the financial team. Functional Areas: Administration and ICT The Administration and ICT support function allows the company to run smoothly from day to day. The ICT allows the staff at Cadbury to work around difficult things with ease. It also allows them to keep records of their progress and contact worldwide branches of the company instantly. ...read more.


Cadbury and Me: Through the duration of this course we have been privileged to have met Pippa Greenslade the director of the Human Resources department who had travelled from Mayfair despite her busy schedule to support and help us. We were also given the opportunity to visit the Cadbury Bournville complex as well as the attraction Cadbury World. We were greeted by the Education Officer at Cadbury, Colin Pitt who provided us with valuable support and information. Picture Gallery: Cadbury World Bournville, Mini Conference room: Monday September 16 2002 11:00hrs: Business trip to Cadbury World, Bournville I was given the opportunity to ask Colin Pitt the Education Officer at Cadbury questions about the business and its activities. We were given a small talk about the history and present situation of the company. Swanlea School, Business & Enterprise College, Assembly Hall: Alongside Pippa Greenslade at School. This opportunity to interview Pippa Greenslade provided both me and my group valuable new information regarding the company and its activities. The Interview: Interview with Pippa Greenslade From my interview with Pippa Greenslade I was able to find out the businesses new long term plans under new management. I was told that Cadbury had a great interest in the chewing gum market. The acquisition of Adams the key gum confectioners within the north and south of America provided the company with a strategic position making it number 1. This allowed the company to move on further to acquire Orangina in France and RC Cola in New Zealand which saw the company exceed its aims. We were also told of Cadbury's long term struggle to strengthen its position further within the Middle East. After creating a stronghold in Turkey and India we were also told of Cadbury's plans to become the sole confectioners within the regions. The creation of Cadbury Trebor Bassets sister company in Canada Cadbury Trebor Allan the UK based branch merged its activities to become a stronger competitor. These key sections of information provided by Pippa helped us gain a better understanding of the company's behaviour. ...read more.

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