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Cadbury Schweppes plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in London. However, it does not manufacture Schweppes beverages for Ireland or the United Kingdom, having sold its trademarks there to The Coca-Cola Company

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Introduction Cadbury Schweppes plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in London. However, it does not manufacture Schweppes beverages for Ireland or the United Kingdom, having sold its trademarks there to The Coca-Cola Company. The company came under minor criticism for failing to have any Fairtrade products and so Cadbury Schweppes bought out organic chocolate maker Green & Black's in 2005 from their original 5% stake (it is also notable that none of its major competitors (Nestl´┐Ż, Mars et al.) have Fairtrade branded chocolate either). The first Cadbury factory was built in the country; it was built in the green fields of Kings Norton, outside the city of Birmingham, between 1899. This place was named "Bournville", which was named by George Cadbury where he built the factory. This took place because George Cadbury had an image, with a saying, "If the country is a good place to live in, why not work in it?" So he took his workers to live and work in (the country) Bournville. Further on the years Cadbury invited new recipes, so new chocolate were been created, for instance in 1915 Cadbury's Milk Tray, in 1920, Cadbury's Flake, in 1938 Roses were created. In 1969 Cadbury and Schweppes that is a beverage business merged together as a business. This business grew worldwide over centuries, it manufactured, marketed and distributed products in over 200 countries and new chocolates and drinks were been created. While confectionery and soft drinks remained the core of the business, the group also expanded into related food categories such as hot beverages and biscuits and also into health and hygiene The main activities of Cadbury after it merged with Schweppes are to produces confectionery such as crunchie, twirl, roses, mini egg, whole nut, Cadbury's Milk Tray and beverages such as Dr Pepper and Seven up. Cadbury and Schweppes have 180 brands. Now these days Cadbury and Schweppes the business is functional it is owned by many shareholders (some of whom are members of staff). ...read more.


The output could either be a service or a product (in Cadbury's case). The business will need to have a system to ensure that the production process and the product itself are of constant high quality production. For example Cadbury reduces the amount of food wasted: The example of Curly Wurly An example of this is, while Cadbury was producing Curly Wurly (the chocolate bar). A great amount of waste was created. When the chocolate Curly Wurly was cut to size there were little pieces of chocolate that were cut off and thrown away (waste). A member of staff (floor manager) that was cleaning the waste of the product (the little left over of Curly Wurly that were cut off), went to the production department and told them that these little pieces of chocolate that are wasted could be used as another brand of chocolate. This chocolate (waste of Curly Wurly) was then further known as Squiggles. When Cadbury produces a chocolate it produces it in a Flow Production, which is a continuous process of parts passing on from one stage to another until completion. Units of production are worked on in each operation and then passed straight on to the next work stage. In order to make the production line work smoothly, Cadbury insures each operation must be of equal length and there should no movements or leakages from the line. E.g. hold ups to work in process. Because there is a continual demand for chocolate this process (flow production) is successful. Ict and Communication Communication- involves sending a message between a "sender" and a "receiver". The communication channel is the route by which a message is sent between the sender and the receiver. The communication channel can involve a range of communication media. A communication medium is the written, oral or technological method used to communicate a message. For example a manager wishes to notify an employees of a pay rise: Types of communication: Communication can be * Internal or external * ...read more.


Plus using only one layer it is more money efficient and it means they are environmentally friendly because they don't use paper for packaging only cardboard boxes which the use to transport the products to customers (stores). Quality circle is a group of employees who met together regularly to identify quality problems and come up with solutions. Quality circle is workers who are involved in carrying day-to-day jobs. In Cadburys case, in chocolate manufacturing, employees working on the production line could be members of a quality circle TQM Compared to ISO 9001 ISO 9000 is a Quality System Management Standard. TQM is a philosophy of perpetual improvement. The ISO Quality Standard sets in place a system to deploy policy and verifiable objectives. An ISO implementation is a basis for a Total Quality Management implementation. Where there is an ISO system, about 75 percent of the steps are in place for TQM. The requirements for TQM can be considered ISO plus. Another aspect relating to the ISO Standard is that the proposed changes for the next revision (1999) will contain customer satisfaction and measurement requirements. In short, implementing TQM is being proactive concerning quality rather than reactive. What I would suggest the key to improving quality in Cadbury is to improve processes that define, produce and support products. All people work in processes. People > Get processes "in control" > Work with other employees and managers to identify process problems and eliminate them Managers and/or Supervisors Work on Processes > Provide training and tool resources > Measure and review process performance (metrics) > Improve process performance with the help of those who use the process The effects that that's these strategies will have on processes must be managed and improved! This involves: > Defining the process > Measuring process performance (metrics) > Reviewing process performance > Identifying process shortcomings > Analysing process problems > Making a process change > Measuring the effects of the process change > Communicating both ways between supervisor and user ?? ?? ?? ?? Amandeep Jawanda 12AEW Centre number 30135 Candidate number 0102 Page 1 of 19 ...read more.

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