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Can Machines Think?

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Can Machines Think? Can machines think? This is an extremely hard question to answer and in my opinion I don't think they can. I feel machines are made to give the appearance that they can think, when this is not actually so. In a way they mimic the human thought process by the way in which they operate. Processes that are similar to the way in which we think are inputted into machines by humans allowing them to reach a suitable outcome or carry out a given procedure, however when following the stages to reach these outcomes machines are not actually thinking, the steps they must go through are automatically there for them, therefore no brain power is needed. This differs to a human's trail of thought, as at each stage of the thought process reached before a conclusion is made, we have think about how to reach the next stage in order to come to a conclusion, these stages are not automatically installed into a brains like they are in a computer, we have to think about how we can reach them by the use of language, perception, reason and emotion. ...read more.


Every aspect about a computer and the processes that it carries out depend on how it has been programmed, not on how it thinks. Each day human's carry out thought processes, which can vary even when being asked the same question and also varies from one person to another. However each computer when asked the same question or requested to carry out a certain procedure more than once will go through a definite sequence of events each time, in exactly the same order to reach the same conclusion or carry out identical courses of action. This process will always be matching each time unless the computer gets reprogrammed to follow a diverse route or give an altered answer. Therefore unlike humans, computers do not possess the ability to carry out the thought process, which is necessary for one to be able to think. Another reason that makes it hard to believe a machine would be able to think is the fact that it is not self-aware and conscious of its surroundings, making it impossible for a machine to absorb knowledge like humans can. ...read more.


It acts as the computers brain, as it is constantly running and waiting for instructions. For example if humans were to touch something boiling hot our brain would tell us to pull our hand away because it hurts, in a computers case if a specific button is pressed e.g. 'delete' the kernel will instruct the computer to follow a set of given rules in order to delete what it is you wanted to delete. However this is not intelligence, this is only a given set of rules that the kernel has no other choice but to comply with. In conclusion I feel machines cannot think at this moment in time. However researchers are looking at ways in which artificial intelligence can be made in the future. It is believed that the way in which this can be done would be to manufacture a machine that has the ability to interpret and make decisions, to imagine and to think. With all these factors taken into consideration and applied an intelligent machine would be produced. However until then scientists still need to find a way to get computers to carry out these processes. Therefore until then computers will only run on a given set of rules, as they are not able to think for themselves yet. ...read more.

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