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Carry out an analysis of the present Information system used in OMEGA, recognise the problems encountered using it, study the requirements of the client and to propose a better strategy to fulfil the client's requirements.

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CONTENTS 1. OVERVIEW 2 2. COMPANY BACKGROUND 3 3. MARKET BACKGROUND 6 4. CURRENT INFORMATION SYSTEM REVIEW 7 5. PROPOSED INFORMATION SYSTEM 12 6. BUSINESS STRATEGY ANALYSIS 16 7. WEBSITE 22 8. E-COMMERCE 26 9. CONCLUSION 29 10. REFERENCE 30 OVERVIEW The objective of this report is to carry out an analysis of the present Information system used in OMEGA, recognise the problems encountered using it, study the requirements of the client and to propose a better strategy to fulfil the client's requirements. Omega Electronics is a privately owned company committed to the design and manufacture of Voltage & Current Operated AC / DC, General Purpose Relays, Power Relays, Custom-Built Special Purpose Relays and Instrument transformers. Initially trading in these equipments, OMEGA subsequently expanded its operations to become a manufacture in the domestic market. With fierce competition from the domestic and global companies, it is necessary for OMEGA to recognise a need to develop and improve not only its existing Information System but also e-commerce capabilities if it was to survive. OMEGA has highlighted a need to create efficiencies and cost reductions in their business and operational processes. COMPANY BACKGROUND Based in Gujarat, India, OMEGA was established in 1993 by Mr. Debal Dasgupta and Mr. Arunim Bandopadhyay. With only 20 employees and a small workshop in 1993, the company has expanded today having a manufacturing facility of more than 27000-sq. ft. in Baroda and a work force of 285 employees (mainly technical). OMEGA at present has an asset base of more than Rs. 180 Million. OMEGA is dedicated to the design and manufacture of Voltage & Current Operated AC / DC, General Purpose Relays, Power Relays, Microprocessor based Relays, Custom-Built Special Purpose Relays, Instrument transformers and Controls and Switchgear for the domestic market. ...read more.


the flow of materials and products * Secure more direct contracts with the suppliers * Reduce direct labour * Achieve stock accuracy through proper tracking - use of bar coding * Improve sales * Reduce administrative overhead The planned architecture: * A web server would provide a front end to customers and suppliers. It will enable the dissemination of data from the internal systems to selected external entities. Data such as: Stock control Process information Generic data * The web server will accept orders directly from EDI. EDI files would enter the system and be interpreted by the web server and forwarded automatically to the proposed ERP system. * The ERP server would handle several processes such as: Sales orders Order tracking Inventory Compiling tracking data * MS Access Database for data storage. * The bar coding system would be used to scan the raw materials upon arrival at the factory and the materials when arriving on the shop floor. The traceability system would make use of the bar coding to trace products, log data and results. To support this extensive architecture, OMEGA will have to update its entire existing network. Shown below is the proposed technical architecture. Hardware Requirements: * New PC's and scanners for the shop floor * Web Server * Router to accurately direct data * ISDN line * Hub to link all the PC's Software Requirements: * ERP software * Firewall to protect their internal systems * Virus protection software * MS Access Database Business Analysis of Strategic Information Needs In order to understand the problems of the Information System under scrutiny, one must perform analysis on that system to uncover the many facets that contribute to the systems performance. ...read more.


OMEGA ELECTRONICS http://www.geocities.com/electronics_omega/ Omega Electronics has a 20 years expertise in the field of Control & Switchgear. || About us || Products || Login || Enquiry || Contact us || www.geocities.com/electronics_omega E-COMMERCE E-commerce would allow further efficiencies in communications between suppliers and customers. This will make OMEGA more responsive to customer demands. OMEGA realised that this application was imperative for future survival and, to ensure this, would make a significant investment. The following objectives were outlined in order to develop an e-commerce application: * Electronic External Trade (Suppliers) * Generation of purchase orders from web * Develop capability to generate authorised and secure electronic reports * Electronic acknowledgements * Electronic External Trade (Customers) * Interactive website to accept orders for standard products * Introduce capability to allow customers to customise their products and electronically place order * Electronic order acknowledgement, quotation and delivery date issue to customer * Secure linking of website to accounts system allowing customers access to their invoices and statements Benefits for Customers: * Customers will be able to place orders online and check the status of their orders. * Customers will be able to have online support tools. * Customers will have access to product catalogues and manuals. * Customers will have ability to access their account history. Benefits for Suppliers: * Orders would be placed electronically with suppliers. * Suppliers will be able to check their account history. CONCLUSION It is self-explanatory that the Information Systems are key to the success of a company within the market place. Although, OMEGA Electronics is still in the early phase of project, there is no doubt that this would create different avenues for OMEGA Electronics to explore and succeed in the market place. ...read more.

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