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AS and A Level: Case Studies and Analysis

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What is corporate social responsibility?

  1. 1 This is where businesses behave in a way that is seen as being ethically acceptable and beneficial to all stakeholders including the wider community.
  2. 2 An example would be a commitment to only buying raw materials from fair trade suppliers. This may raise costs so the business is being socially responsible and not buying from the cheapest source.
  3. 3 Sceptics may say that the business only behaves in a socially responsible way for the publicity they get from it.
  4. 4 This may be the case but it still makes it in the best interest of the business to be socially responsible. Think of other benefits to a business e.g. in the motivation of staff, the long term profit.
  5. 5 The free market view would be that the business only has responsibility to its owners (the shareholders) and anything which raises costs in the interest of social responsibility will be passed onto customers in higher prices anyway.

Top tips for analysing a business

  1. 1 Internal sources of information about a business will include the company accounts, press releases, company website, adverts etc. Remember who is writing them and why. Treat them with some scepticism.
  2. 2 External sources of information include Wikipedia, newspaper articles and internet sites.
  3. 3 Consider why a business has taken a particular course of action. What are its corporate objectives? What are its competitors doing? Is this a response to external or internal factors?
  4. 4 When evaluating use comparisons with previous time periods, with competitors and with its declared objectives.
  5. 5 Be prepared to question. Do not take what a business says uncritically. You may not know the real situation but questioning issues will still be worth marks.

Five things you need to know about stakeholders

  1. 1 Stakeholders are any individuals or groups that have an interest in or are affected by the activities of a business. These include shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government and local community.
  2. 2 Most businesses will need to take into account the interests and needs of the different stakeholder groups when making decisions. The relative strength and influence of the different groups may be reflected in the final decision.
  3. 3 When analysing a business you may need to consider the effects of any course of action on all the stakeholders. The effects will differ.
  4. 4 Stakeholder groups will usually have different interests that a business must resolve e.g. employees will want fair pay and job security while shareholders will want low costs.
  5. 5 Be prepared in your analysis to point out the winning and losing stakeholders. Some people criticise the whole stakeholder concept and say that businesses are only really interested in satisfying the shareholders.

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  1. Customer Service

    is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. According to Turban et al, 2002, "Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation." Its importance varies by product, industry and customer. As an example, an expert customer might require less pre-purchase service (i.e., advice) than a novice. In many cases, customer service is more important if the purchase relates to a "service" as opposed to a "product".

    • Word count: 2260
  2. Proctor & Gamble, Inc. (Scope Case)

    Decision Alternatives and Objectives 1. Do nothing. This will cause an increased risk in the long term position of Scope. Competition may take away sales from Scope, and newer differentiated and uniquely positioned products will eventually take away sales. However, this may avoid strategies that may potentially backfire or are too risky. For example, if current consumers get confused or if there is a big flop, money is wasted. There are many uncertainties and a lot of risk. 2. Creating a new line or product for Scope.

    • Word count: 2612
  3. China Business Opportinuty

    Due to current instability in financial markets many banks have faced bail-out by government regulators this was a result trigged by defaults on subprime mortgages in the US. (Benink & Kaufman) Hence there was a need to strengthen the supervision of institutes that pose a potential risk to the stability of the financial system. The Chairman of FSA (Financial services authority) said that monitoring was not effectively conducted on the banks by regulators in the US (P Larsen). In Today financial system it is clear that banks need to set international framework for capital reserve.

    • Word count: 2002
  4. Unit 12 - International Dimensions of Business - Task 4

    So for example, if RyanAir's sales and number of passengers started to fall in the UK, the success being enjoyed in other countries would banish the risk being held to RyanAir as a company. Pursing a Global Logic (RyanAir) The second strategic reason why RyanAir may have decided to expand is to pursue a global logic - this meaning to identify a condition in the market that requires a company to adopt a global strategy. This means that because of the nature of the market, that expanding is the only sensible thing to do and that definitely applies to RyanAir

    • Word count: 2863
  5. Tesco Marketing Activities

    Qualitative research is equally as important as Quantitative research for Tesco and must not be overlooked. A good manager will examine all research available to him and make a decision based on all the data he has analysed. Primary Research Primary research involves the collecting of original data. The data which is collected will be specialised to the firm, product and the market. In order for Tesco to carry out and collect primary research they have to carry out field research. The main methods of field research include: * Surveys * Telephone interview * Questionnaires * Focus group * Observation * Test Marketing Surveys Surveys involve Tesco asking the customers a number of questions in order to gain their answers and opinions.

    • Word count: 2971
  6. John Lewis company anaylsis

    This means they are all owners of the business and share in its success. The John Lewis founder, John Spedan Lewis, had the ambitious vision of employee co-ownership with the happiness of Partners as the ultimate purpose, and his vision lives on in the modern Partnership of today. Managers The Manager's aims are: To control and organize the business or a department: * Plan - Rota's, Tasks, Finance (Wages) * Motivate - Staff * Control - Budgets, Staff * Power - To make decisions The roles and responisibilities of a Manager Across the Partnership, high-caliber managers are the key to maintaining the position as one of the UK's leading retailers.

    • Word count: 2740
  7. Marketing Mix of Carphone Warehouse

    Not only does this give the customer more options but it also helps The Carphone Warehouse. Also, since trading began in 1989 mobile phone technology has evolved and so with it has The Carphone Warehouse. The increase in mobile technology means The Carphone Warehouse's product range has increased. This allows the business to take more risks with new ranges of phones, accessories and other products. This is known as spreading the risk. The Carphone Warehouse can spread the risk of new products being unsuccessful because they have more to fall back on.

    • Word count: 2514
  8. Presenting business information

    Displaying data: I have used tables; charts and graphs are ways to clearly show the data. There are three basic graph forms. The bar graph, the line graph, and the circle (or pie) graph. Each of the following examples is used to show different kinds of data. There are different graphs to show different types of relationships between different groups. I will be talking about four different graphs, and what are different graphs used for. Bar graph: I have used bar graph to show relationships between different groups. The two items (different types of trends) being compared do not need to affect each other.

    • Word count: 2288
  9. Select a minimum of three of the schools of strategy identified by Mintzberg et al (1998), undertake a comprehensive critical analysis of their underlying assumptions, perspectives and paradigmatic stance

    the design and planning schools. Strategies developed under this school are 'generic, specifically common, identifiable positions in the marketplace' which itself is 'economic and competitive.' (Lecture notes.) The process of formulating and implementing strategies goes through several different phases. The generic positions are selected based upon analytical calculations carried out by the analysts who are of vital importance to the process of strategy construction. The analysts pass the results of their calculations onto the respective managers who then officially control any further choices made and a strategy is then articulated and implemented.

    • Word count: 2828
  10. Birmingham international airport is a private limited company. Seven west midlands local authorities own it. It was first open on the 8th of July in 1939.

    It is only one mile away from the M43 J6 and 8 miles away from the city. It is the 2nd largest airport outside London and the 3rd for charter traffic. There is a modern AA3 star novotel hotel on site opposite the main terminal building for where the customers are able to go and stay for the night. (http://www.bhx.co.uk/) The amount of customers every year that visited the airport has grown because it has 50 airlines taking customers to there destinations. BHX also has about 6000 people that work at the company. The number of passengers that go to BHX has increased over the last ten years.

    • Word count: 2547
  11. This study provides a widespread and critical evaluation of the changes at M&S from mid 1980s to 2002 and the results of its managements activities. This is undertaken by scanning through the history of M&S and its background. Strategic tools like PES

    In the 1920s, the business exercised a revolutionary policy of buying directly from manufacturers rather than going through wholesalers. These unique relationships with suppliers gave the business an advantage and convenience that few of its competitors could match. The growth of M&S was fast and in 1926 it was listed in the London Stock Exchange as a public company. Two years later, Simon Marks took over the reins of M&S from his father. In 1930s, M&S' flagship store was opened at Marble Arch, London.

    • Word count: 2032
  12. Analyse the case study with reference to Michael Porter's Theory of Competitive Advantage and answer the following question: Does America have competitive advantage in the textile and garment industry?

    This model of determining factors of national advantage has become known as Porters Diamond. It suggests that the national home base of an organization plays an important role in shaping the extent to which it is likely to achieve advantage on a global scale. This home base provides basic factors, which support or hinder organizations from building advantages in global competition. Porter distinguishes four determinants: Factor Conditions ? The situation in a country regarding production factors, like skilled labour, infrastructure, etc., which are relevant for competition in particular industries. These factors can be grouped into human resources (qualification level, cost of labour, commitment etc.), material resources (natural resources, vegetation, space etc.), knowledge resources, capital resources, and infrastructure.

    • Word count: 2550
  13. How can Hughes Electrical improve it market Share?

    1950 - Hughes was determined to get into the Television Age. 1953 - Hughes had gained experience installing many televisions in Suffolk. 1962 - Hughes began its expansion, when it purchases Norfolk radio in Great Yarmouth. The Hughes Company then had 5 shops all trading within 10 miles of Lowestoft and all selling or renting televisions, audio products and home appliances. 1970 - Further expansion into the Norwich area in 1972, Ipswich in 1976 and Bury St Edmunds in 1979. 1980 - Hughes Electrical product range has expanded enormously during the last 2 decades as video recording and digital technology opened up whole new consumer markets.

    • Word count: 2150
  14. Evaluate the implications for financial service providers to adapt to evolving current factors and trends.

    A change in demographics will change the provision of state pension. Before there was a big strain on the government because they were paying state pension for a long amount of time because people are living longer and there is an aging population. Because people are continuing to live longer and the life expectancy for men and women is constantly increasing the government were forced to increase the pensionable age. Currently the pensionable age is 65 for men and 63 for women but in 2018 it will be 65 for both men and women and in 2020 it will increase to 66 for both.

    • Word count: 2153
  15. Evaluate of your own development as a result of your work placement.

    The majority of meetings at companies are used on outlook and therefore the knowledge I learnt at BP can be applied elsewhere. BP also do a lot for young people. They provide work experience, internships and have a graduate programme. I know that BP offer a graduate program in which I may be interested whilst at university. Moreover, the majority of the employees at BP have full time jobs. However, there will be people who have part time jobs where they have set days.

    • Word count: 2708
  16. Explain the distinctive features of two selected savings, investment and other nancial services that render them suitable for two contrasting customers.

    Premium bonds are suitable for post education pre-families because they may not have a lot of money and this is a secure way of having the chance to win a large sum of money; if they want their money back they can. Post education pre-families will also use a direct saver. A direct saver is a deposit account that provides principal security and a modest interest rate. Similar to Premium Bonds and ISA?s the money can be withdrawn with no penalties and can be made anyone over 16 on the phone or online.

    • Word count: 2002
  17. Unit 2 M2 Assess the importance of employability skills and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organisation.

    This is crucial because it means that the training that the business has spent on the recruitment. This gives indication that Recruiting staff without skills needed, means that they cannot do the job effectively or efficiently, this will also mean that the organisation will need spend money on training those kind of employees, however, recruiting staffs that have the skills to work effectively, efficiently and have the experience in the industry can Benefits an organisation, as this will save the business money into training a because they have the skills and experience to do the job.

    • Word count: 2394
  18. Unit 2 P3 Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation

    hard to build a better Tesco and improve the shopping trip for customers.? Buildings and facilities will also help the performance of the business for example Sales per square ft. this indicates that having a bigger store will show a bigger income/sales in bigger store and a smaller sales in smaller stores. Materials and waste The Agriculture and supply chain of tesco plc suppliers can cause food losses that can happen on farms and in the supply chain for a variety of reasons including weather, disease and pests, problems during storage and changes to product orders.

    • Word count: 2019
  19. Unit 2 M2 Assess the importance of employability skills and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in Tescos

    This is crucial because it means that the training that the business has spent on the recruitment. This gives indication that Recruiting staff without skills needed, means that they cannot do the job effectively or efficiently, this will also mean that the organisation will need spend money on training those kind of employees, however, recruiting staffs that have the skills to work effectively, efficiently and have the experience in the industry can Benefits an organisation, as this will save the business money into training a because they have the skills and experience to do the job.

    • Word count: 2394
  20. Unit 32 M1 Explain how health, safety and hygiene legislation has impacted on food retailers.

    It is the same for their products. Tesco must make sure that all products are handled correctly in order to avoid dangers to health of consumers. They must keep all products with their own group to avoid contamination taking place which is a danger to health and this can affect the business and their reputation. Therefore the impact that it has had is to keep everything in order to ensure everyone and everything are carefully handled. European Agency for Health and Safety Tesco are influenced by the European Agency for Health and Safety as the UK is part of the

    • Word count: 2077
  21. Unit 32 D3 Evaluate how selected retailers have met their social, ethical, and environmental and co-operate social responsibilities

    Immigration The financial and time demands being placed on the middle generation is also growing. Due to a growing number of dependent children staying at home for longer and a rise in elderly being cared for at home and also the increase of immigration within the UK. This is placing further squeeze on disposable income and growing demands for convenience led retail solutions within Tesco and co-co-operatives, Tesco plc and the co-operative are taking responsibility with this change as they are meeting new demands from the tree groups that is increasing within the Uk for example Tesco plc and the

    • Word count: 2171
  22. Unit 1 P6 Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of Tescos and their stakeholders.

    Tesco can be affected by the 3 major factors such as political, legal and social- Political factors- Firstly political factors are connected to the government of those running countries where they place laws on how that business can operate for instance a business such as Tesco would look any change created on current legislations or new laws on how certain businesses can operate so if in china a legislation states the foreign businesses can only operate by joining with current business with in that area Tesco has to follow them rules to be able to operate.

    • Word count: 2124
  23. Unit 4 M1 Analyse different types of business information and their sources as used at Tescos

    The advantage of using voice mails is it is recorded so you are able to refer to them and also it can be used to refer to in the future. Disadvantage: The disadvantage of using voice mails in Tesco PLC is that there could be a computer which could lead to the deletion of all the voice mails that have been recorded, another disadvantage of voice mails are they are regularly used and so you would have to go through every single one if you want to refer back to one of the voice mails Does your business use tannoy

    • Word count: 2663
  24. Different methods of verbal communication used at Tesco with their advantages and disadvantages

    Disadvantages of telephone communication A disadvantage of this is you might not be able to have a reference or what has said over the phone unless it?s recorded for a particular reason. Voicemail as a verbal communication tool Tesco uses voicemails as a way of communication because they are another way to get in contact with other within the company when the phone can?t be answered or when the person being contacted is absent for example. The Advantages of voicemail verbal communication Tesco use voicemail as a communication tool to contact their customers or even other staffs within the company.

    • Word count: 2106
  25. M1 Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in Microsoft and M & S

    The second business I investigated was Marks and Spencers, they sell various products like clothing and offer food services. The one I chose to focus on is the food services they offer. Mark and Spencer have used Market penetration to enlarge the number of their customers in the market and also to grow. The market share for M&S this year Is 10.4 % which is seen as a drop down compared to the one of last year where they had + 0.5% to the current figure One of the similarities in the way Microsoft and M&S have used Market penetration product promotion and advertisement.

    • Word count: 2102

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