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Cavendish halls of residence Information System

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Information And Communication I.S.D.M. (stage 2 group project) Group 22: J.S. Gakhal, N. Ovenberger T. Nelson, F. Sawyer Group 22 Associates Presents A Management Report. Management Report On Business Solution For Client Mr. A.Bada (C.E.O.) Cavendish Halls ltd. Table Of Contents Page 1 _________________________________ Title Page Page 2 __________________________________Introduction Pages 3-8 _________________________________ Steps Taken Pages 9-10_________________________________ User Manual Page 11 __________________________________Appendix Page 12 __________________________________Bibliography Introduction The Problem Brief Mr. A.Bada is the C.E.O. at the Cavendish halls of residence in Manchester. In order to constantly improve the accommodation office that controls the halls of residence, Mr A.Bada has hired Group 22 associates to computerise the accommodation office. The problem situation has arised through the need for a more efficient way of tracking and allocation of students in the halls of residence owned by Mr.A. Bada. The solution is in the form of information system. For this purpose Group 22 has created a computerised database system for the purpose of room allocation and tracking of students. Group 22 have taken advantage of developments and advances in computer technology over recent to offer a relatively low cost solution Methods Employed To Tackle Problem (Briefly) ...read more.


Feasibility Study When we got this information we put together a database in Microsoft Access with tables, forms and queries. Mr. Abbey did not require having the staff and wages included in the database. The database system would need computers with minimum technical specification i.e. at least Pentium one processer, 32MB ram, etc. The operating system software would have to be compatible with database tool. Staff would require minimal training in the usage of the Microsoft Access. I would also suggest some form of cost-benefit analysis to see exactly how efficiency would be improved. Possibly even R.O.C.E. (return on capital employed) with pay back period being calculated. It could be the client's best interests to specify how much his style of management or structure may change in the near future therefore allowing our designers build some flexibility in to the system by anticipating change. Phase: Analysis System Analysis We now analysed the solutions we came up with in the first phase in more depth. We made a logical model of the system both as Data Flow Diagram and as and Entity Relationship Diagram. The Data Flow Diagram shows the way the data is moved in the system, facilitating the client to understand the system and also us as analysers to create the database. ...read more.


User Manual Parent's details In the main menu you will see four choices. Parent details, student details,queries and reports. Click on Parent detail Here you can enter all parent details, the system will automatically allocate a parent ID number, when completed click on student info where you can then enter the students personal details. Registering Student details Entering student's details can be done through parent's details or by clicking on student in the main menu this will bring you to a further screen. The ID number will be allocated automatically; you may then click on student compatibility, which will give you a further list. After closing this click on allocate room, which will bring you to further screen of room on this screen you can scroll through the rooms via the arrows at the bottom when you find a suitable room, on finding a suitable room please ensure you enter the ID number that the database has allocated and click on room full when it so. To exit the student form click on the door. Student Queries Click on Queries. Here you find five options. Undergraduate, female students, male students, and postgraduate and find student. On entering any of these you will get a list of those students, depending of course on what you are looking for. ...read more.

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