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Choose a vacant site/business premises in your area. What type of business would you recommend being opened on the site and why?

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Business Studies Coursework Matthew Pitt 11w Coursework Assignment: (ii) " Choose a vacant site/business premises in your area. What type of business would you recommend being opened on the site and why?" -There are many different sites or premises that I could have chosen for my coursework, but I have decided that a site or premises in the centre or near the centre of a town would be appropriate, as there are many different businesses in the area. - The premise that I have chosen is located in the town of Newport and I close to the centre of the town. Although the premises is not actually along the high street in Newport, it is still close enough to the centre to be classed as a shop in the town centre. ...read more.


- I will locate a shop the same distance away from the centre as the premises in Newport is, and see what type of businesses there are in the area. First I will have to figure out the centre of the town, but that is easy to do. I regard the centre of any town to be the main street. So if a business is on this street then it is in the centre, if it is on a side street (no matter how big the side street is) leading away from the centre, then it is not actually in the centre. - I will locate shops just outside the centre (the same Distance as the premises in Newport) and then go down random streets and find out what types of businesses are trading there. ...read more.


Then I will compare these measurements, to sizes of other shops in other towns and see what type of business there is in the shop. - By doing both of these things I will able to collect information on types and sizes of shops and businesses, and will be able to make a clear decision to what type of business should be opened in the vacant premises in Newport. - Primary research: This is collecting research first hand. This will be Good because I can ask the questions that I want to ask, and I can get specific answers. This research will be up to date and I will be able to anaylse it easily. - Secondary research: This is also known as Desk research. I will use desk research by using information from readily available sources, for example, the Internet. ...read more.

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