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"Choose a vacant site or business premises in the local area. What type of business would you recommend to be opened there and why?"

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Business Studies Coursework "Choose a vacant site or business premises in the local area. What type of business would you recommend to be opened there and why?" Aim My aim is to locate a vacant site and then suggest, based on my research, which type of business I feel would be most effective on this site. Objectives * Find a suitable location and take photographs. * Suggest which business I feel would be most effective if located there. * Construct a map of the chosen site. * Design a questionnaire. * Administer the questionnaire to the general public, in order to gain insight into their views and preferences regarding the site. * Record the results of my questionnaire. * Construct a graph of my results. * Analyse the results collected from my research in order to gain conclusions. * Explain my conclusion. * Construct a bibliography. Researching the factors affecting the location of my chosen business Shoppers A major factor in whether a business locates in a certain place is the amount of shoppers the area attracts. For example, a retailing business is not going to succeed if it locates in an area that is not visited regularly by shoppers. The type of shopper that the area attracts can also affect a business' location plans. If a retailer sells expensive goods then it is pointless for that business to locate in an area with generally low incomes, as they will not receive as much custom as they could if they were located in an area of high incomes. ...read more.


For example, the A61 Derby Road serves as a possible route for people in the nearby villages of Wingerworth, Tupton and Clay Cross, whereas the A61 to Sheffield may attract large amounts of customers from in and around the city. Also, many people will pass my site on their way to the town centre, so I feel quite confident that whatever business locates there will attract some custom from passers-by who just happen to go into the building out of interest and curiosity. I took some more photographs to help get a better understanding of the area as a whole and the roads around my site. This photograph is taken from the above the road leading into Chesterfield town centre. It is facing the Bryan Donkin site. The roundabout is clearly visible from this position. This photograph is also taken from above the road leading into Chesterfield town centre, however, this is facing Chesterfield town centre. The Bryan Donkin site is about 100m away from where I took this photograph, in the bottom left hand corner. This picture is of the busy roundabout that links together the 4 main roads. My chosen site is a little to the left of this photograph. Viewable on this picture are the A617 from Hasland (A), the A61 to Sheffield (B) and the A61 Derby Road (C). This is a good example of how congested the road can get, as this was taken early in a morning and it is still very busy. This picture is of the A61, which leads to Sheffield. ...read more.


The fact that the general public would prefer a supermarket to be built on the site proves right my theory from earlier. Also, the football stadium was popular with some of the males who answered my questionnaire. I feel that this is because they are supporters of Chesterfield Football Club and therefore have the club's best interests at heart instead of my chosen sites'. I definitely feel that my site could be home to a successful supermarket as the location is perfect for this kind of business. Evaluation Overall, I feel that my assignment was a success. I was happy with the amount of research I conducted and I think that this is one of the things that I did well. The photographs that I used also improved my coursework, it helps to give the reader a better picture of what I am trying to achieve. I am happy with my final choice, as this is what a lot of the public would want so I feel that if it was to be built on the Bryan Donkins site, the people of Chesterfield would welcome it. If I was to perform the assignment again, I would maybe think about finding a location in a less crowded and built up area as this would increase the options of what to construct on the site. For example, it would have been silly to put a cinema on the Bryan Donkins site, as there is one across the road. However, in a less crowded area, I could maybe consider locating a cinema on the site. In general, I feel that my coursework was good and I am happy with that, I would consider different things if I was to do it again though. ...read more.

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