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College admissions computer system

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College In a college, one of the most important things is the quality of the students. Sometimes the admission officer is not able to check the knowledge and experience of every single student. The solution is a computer system that makes the process faster in a certain way. Task 1: The collage is a complex organization hence the structure which manages it, has to be an expert software system. The best solution for operation software is Windows XP. The officer needs to use Office to write letters for good quality brochures. Excel could solve the assumed problem, but in this case, there exists a better alternative. The officer also needs to use the Internet so students can enrol and get information. If this college is a branch of another college or university (e.g.: Farnborough Tech. College), the Internet is very good way to communicate. It is available with Internet Explorer or Outlook. The security is vital because the Internet is dangerous, and the college has to protect its database against intruders. A Panda utility program is a good investment. The Transaction Processing System (TPS) ...read more.


The enterprise operates in the building market and it can expand very quickly. Later it must take account of the problems caused by complex calculations involving costs, revenues, tools and wages, therefore better MIS systems might be used in the future. Windows Company The glazing company has problems with late and incomplete delivery. These problems discountenanced the customers easily and the double delivery costs waste money, herby in the long run the result could be devastated. The problem that a computer tends to solve, is to follow the rout of the goods and make the process easier to monitor. The company does not have to spend a lot of money on the system. Task 1: The suggested operation system is a Windows 98, 2000 or XP. It has graphical platform to developed applications and it also has DOS. It needs to be installed for the TPS system that is responsible for the stock controlling, order processing, invoicing. Big Mac TPS system fits to manage these processes. A keyboard and a mouse are needed to drive the operation or application software. On the output side, a monitor is indispensable and a dot-matrix printer to print the invoices to the customer and delivering reports to the van drivers. ...read more.


A stripe recorder can be useful in the office because some people want to pay immediately by credit card. The output could consist of a monitor and an inkjet printer. It has a more expensive support than a dot matrix. The invoice could be poor quality but in this case, with the invoice, there can be a description about the trip and some attractive pictures (like a brochure) attached. Task 2 With the information system, the agency is able to communicate to the customers, hotels and the airline computers. The reports can keep the business effective because it gives statistics about: where people travelled, where they stayed, how many people, for how long, who they travelled with and how much money they spent. The enterprise can analyse the customers behaviour, amount spent on each journey, It is important to plan the future supply and demand, hence the company can see in which direction it has to expand the service. For example, the company would be able to predict that most customers were going to travel to Spain. The MIS system helps to analyze the data and it easy to use. Reference: Geoffrey Knott (1993) Computer Studies for BTEC, Third Edition, Business Education Publishers Limited Geoffrey Knott (1996) Computing, Business Education Publisher www.google.co.uk www.index.hu www.iposltd.com www.sage.co.uk www.tenongroup.com BA (Hons) Marketing -1- ...read more.

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