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Communication and ICT in Kelloggs.

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Communication: Communication is one of the key aspects in keeping a successful business on top. All organisations need to have effective methods of communication so that everyone is clear about objectives, everyone is informed of changes in the working environment and therefore members can respond to these new ideas. The communication process involves a transmitter sending messages to receivers. A transmitter must be able to encode information so that a receiver can decode the information with ease. This information can be sent in a variety of forms from oral to written messages. Although a message is transferred from transmitter to receiver there is no guarantee that the receiver will receive the full message or be able to decode it, this could be due to a communication problem. Communication problems are know as noise. Examples of noise could be: * Language problems: This could be to do with different levels of knowledge on either parts of the communication (either the transmitter or receiver), or the way in which the transmitter encodes the information. ...read more.


This is effective as all of the company members have the chance to give input into the business. There is a problem with Kellogg's being such a large company because it would be a lot easier for the communication process to break down, and due to the messages being passes over continents between people with different cultural backgrounds their may be a lot of noise causing problems decoding information. The use of external communication within Kellogg's is the use of a company website; Kellogg's also recently bought into another company Keebler which was done via conferences between the board of directors and management within the business. Shareholders are also communicated with externally, and Kellogg's holds annual conferences so that they understand how the business will be run the following year and explain about the previous business year. Kellogg's must also produce annual reports so that the government can decide about the tax Kellogg's must pay and to make sure the business is being run legally. ...read more.


* There are many legal requirements for use of ICT and these must be maintained by companies. Kellogg's uses the internet to advertise its products, and the company in general. This is a really good way of allowing people from all over the world to recognise the product and maintain Kellogg's good reputation as a cereal manufacturing company. Kellogg's also uses ICT to communicated between branches of its companies over seas, this is effective because it can be received within a short time frame and would be a lot cheaper than sending reports in the post. Kellogg's also uses ICT internally between the board of directors who are all situated in the USA. They use visual conferences over the internet which allows them to keep on top of the objectives, this saves travel costs and allows them to keep up-to date. The only problems with this type of communication are that if for some reason the computer network was down or there was a power cut the meetings would be cancelled and need to be rescheduled which would waste a lot of time. ...read more.

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