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Communication and Presentation Techniques

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D2 Communication and Presentation Techniques For this assignment I will be assess the suitability of the three methods used for Communicating and presenting information. The different methods that I'll talk about are e-mails, telephone communications and meetings. For this report I have chosen 2 verbal and 1 non verbal method of communication. The methods of communication that I have chosen to evaluate are Email, Telephone and Meetings. E-mails The shortened form of an Electronic mail is 'E-mail'. E-mail is a system of creating, sending and storing textual data in digital form over a network. Earlier, the e-mail system was based on Simple Mail Transfer mechanism, a protocol used in sending the e-mails from one server to another. Today's e-mail technology uses the store-and-forward model. In this model, the users send and receive information on their own computer terminal. E-mail is one of the many technological developments that has influenced our lives. It has changed the medium of communication. So, it becomes necessary for us to check out the benefits and harmful effects of this popular tool used on the Internet. Advantages of Email * Easy to use: E-mail frees us from the tedious task of managing data of daily use. ...read more.


* Spam: E-mails when used to send unsolicited messages and unwanted advertisements create nuisance and is termed as Spam. Checking and deleting these unwanted mails can unnecessarily consume a lot of time, and it has become necessary to block or filter the unwanted e-mails by means of spam filters. Spamming includes, sending hoax e-mails. E-mail spoofing is another common practice, used for spamming. Spoofing involves deceiving the recipient by altering the e-mail headers or the addresses from which the mail is sent. * Hacking: The act of breaking into computer security is termed as hacking. After the e-mail is sent and before it is received by the desired recipient, it "bounces" between servers located in different parts of the world. Hence, the e-mail can be hacked by a professional hacker. * Misinterpretation: One has to be careful while posting any kind of content through an e-mail. If typed in a hurry, the matter could be misinterpreted. * Lengthy mails: If the mail is too long and not properly presented the reader may lose interest in reading it. * Not suitable for business: Since the content posted via e-mails is considered informal, there is a chance of business documents going unnoticed. ...read more.


Disadvantage of Telephone Usage: We can't take it wherever we go so we will not be able to receive phone calls , it occupies lot space, needs lots of connections. Meetings Meetings are held to discuss important issues that may arise in the company. There are several advantages and disadvantages to holding meeting and they are as follows: Meetings are great for people who work best face to face. The advantage of meetings is it allows them to see the progress of what they are doing or what are others are doing in terms of everyday work or projects. Meetings are a great way to explain complex and non-complex ideas and offer a great format to exchange ideas and really think them out. Meetings are a great way to communicate lots of information a short amount of time and create a plan for the future ahead. The best meeting is one with an agenda and a time frame of how long the meeting will take. The disadvantages of meeting they are time consuming and at times tedious. They can become a tool of grandstanding, boasting, and a format for picking on people. The worst meetings are those where you meet to talk about the next meeting ahead, have no agenda, drag on and nothing productive comes from it. ...read more.

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