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Communication in a business:

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Communication in a business: Communication is means of making contact. The contact may be between people, organisations or between places. It is the process by which the business passes knowledge, information and even items to others. Communication is one of the most important activities of any organisation. Its used within the firm as a means of controlling its operations, coordinated the activities of departments and employees and motivating personnel. Communications also provides important external links between the firm and its suppliers and customers. Communicating in business must cover Listening, Speaking, reading, writing and information technologies. Listening: Listening involves: > The process of physically hearing a message > Interpretation of the message > Evaluation, when a decisions are made on how to use the information A problem with listening can be that, unless you are making notes at the same time, much of the received is forgotten and not followed up. ...read more.


role as a communicator > The receptiveness of the listeners > The listeners own knowledge of the subject Writing and reading Written messages vary from the very simple to the very complex. The following are some examples of situations where written communications are appropriate: > The information needs to be received by several people in different places > The information is highly complex, requiring extensive study > The information needs to be referred to over a period of time Some types of written communication are more easily read than others. For example, company accounts and other financial and quantitative information maybe complex and require the reader to have specialist background knowledge. The target audience and nature of the information are very important factors take into consideration when deciding how to present data. ...read more.


Organising The various sections of the firm must be organisation and coordinated so that they carry out the part they must play in the control and operations of the organisation's activities. Direction Circumstances on occasion require parts of the organisation to be directed in the specific tasks and duties are expected to carry out in order to achieve the firms aim. Reports: Reports are form of internal communication. In simple term , a report is a written communication from someone who has collected and studied some facts to a person who has asked for the facts. Because he or she needs them for a particular purpose or to help with making a decision. It is therefore a basis for some form of action. Formal reports will have many of the features listed below. ...read more.

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