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Communication in a Care Home Business

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´╗┐Communication In account tell me the following:- How many types of communication are there? How do you use different forms of communication When would you use different forms of communications?? How do maintain confidentiality? How do you ensure that all documentation is accurate within your organisation? How would you improve communications system between organisation and section within organisation? There are a number of different forms of communication that are employed in a care organisation. The usual everyday methods of communicating such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening are employed. Crucially however, non verbal communication skills are also of paramount importance, especially when delivering care to older people living with dementia. Simple and effective communication skills are required on a daily basis to ensure vital messages are conveyed to all individuals in the care environment. All communication needs to be in an appropriate manner in order to protect an individual's confidentiality, but in the same breath be available to all those delivering care to that particular individual. Communication is a particularly fluid area within any organisation; breakdowns in communication occur particularly easily and can have particularly negative consequences. It is for this reason communication has to be proactively managed with some focus on positive outcomes for all concerned. In today's electronic world much of the communication in my daily job takes place via email. ...read more.


There may on the other hand be issues that all saff nurses need to be aware of such as a change in the policy for management of admissions. Holding a variety of staff meetings allows for the dissemination of messages that are relevant to each staff group. Each meeting is minuted and these minutes are shared by email. In this way we are able to combine different forms of communication. Through such combinations we are able to reinforce key messages. Another example of a combination of communication can be found in the form of shift handovers. These are a critical method of communication in any care organisation. The residents in our care rely on the fact that those providing the care will be fully briefed in their care needs and know how to react in every situation. For example if someone has had a bad night they would not expect to be woken up first thing in the morning by staff bustling around. In order for staff to be mindful of these aspects, and hence provide appropriate care interventions, they need to have been provided this information through handover. Handovers therefore need to be prepared by the nurse giving the handover carefully. The nurse had a set period of time to communicate all relevant information to the next shift. ...read more.


When updates are made to this information "flags" are set by the person inputting the update indicating to other users that the information has been updated. In this way information is exchanged between sites in a purely electronic fashion. The electronic database holds a vast amount of information and therefore it is important to ensure its integrity and accuracy. We have found that the best way to ensure the accuracy of information is to 'use' the information. For example staff lists, resident lists, and equipment lists are all produced from this system. An example of such a list is the birthday list for residents. By running this from the system the data is used, and potential errors are picked up and corrected. The information is also reported on in weekly and monthly cycles. For example the contracted hours report is produced at the end of each month to identify positions that we may need to recruit for due to changes in contract hours. The use of this report to drive recruitment efforts ensures that the data is queried and hence inaccuracies are picked up and corrected. Despite all of the various methods of communication in use within organisation, communication could always be improved upon. Recently there has been a drive to 'empower' teams within PSP Healthcare. Individuals can only be empowered if they have they the relevant skills and knowledge with which to address issues and make decisions. ...read more.

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