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Communication is always a problem with large businesses.

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COMMUNICATIONS Communication is always a problem with large businesses because information needs to be accessed by the receiver as soon as possible and put across to them in a clear, engaging and impacting way so that it has the effect it should have. Because of the size of Scott Bader and its international locations, the task of communicating with them all is a doubtful one. There is also a problem with the continuing growth of Scott Bader as some forms of communications can become outdated. Communications at Scott Bader is normally sent down through the hierarchy and chain of command although the employees have a lot of say in how the business is ran because of the democratic culture, management obviously have to know and make main decisions as using the employees for every decision would take too much time, they are used if they are important and will change the way in which everybody works as a company. The information can be sent and received both in the form of verbal communication and non-verbal communication. The main objectives of communication are to provide information, give people instructions and to confirm arrangements, but this has to be achieved at the right time, place and sent to the right person. ...read more.


Verbal communication is normally used to let people know of instructions and developments, such as telephones and face-to-face communication. External Communication E-mail and the Internet are used a lot as well as the postal service occasionally. Telephones and mobile telephones are also used a lot but these have their restrictions as no copy is made of the conversation and it relies on the recipient to understand all the information and to remember. There are problems with Communication Breakdown: There are a number of factors, which can cause communication breakdown: * Too much technical language ('jargon') being used * Poor presentation and use of grammar and spelling * Too much information being sent (information overload) * Geographical and time problems (e.g. communications between different countries in different time-zones) This is a big problem for Scott Bader although France is only one hour different, Spain hasn't got much of a difference but countries like Scandinavia and South Africa and a few other European countries are not in similar times zones. * Length of the communication channel, for example post writing a letter would take along time to * Employees already being overworked and ignoring messages * Technology breakdown (e.g. ...read more.


They use e-mail though Lotus Notes. Their Local Area Network LAN covers all the buildings at Wollaston and is based on a fibre optic cabling switches. Their Wider Area Network WAN connects to France, Croatia, South Africa, Sweden and the USA which means that they can communicate fast and easily without having to rely on post and waiting for weeks for replies. The cost of the ICT used in Scott Bader must be vast as it is used in the new plant for production, communication and in all aspects of the business but I think that the benefit to the business of efficiency, time saving and easy out ways the cost of it all. A drawback to a business heavily reliant on ICT is that if there is a power cut, a computer crashes or catches a virus then production and the business could be at a standstill for maybe days to recover all the information. The only other drawback of this new ICT is that people expect the service to be available 24/7 when staffs are not available to work every hour of the day. Remote Sales Executives use ADSL (a.k.a broadband) links to their network. Scott Bader does not use EDI (Electronics Commerce Implementations/bar coding). The main purpose is to share market/commercial information via Lotus Notes databases they say that their ICT does serve its purpose well. ...read more.

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