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COMMUNICATION NEEDS OF A SMALL BUSINESS Small Business Needs 2 Communication needs 2 Website 2 Electronic Mail 3 Methods of Communication 4 Telephone 4 Internet Connectivity 4 Broadband 4 ADSL 4 Wireless 4 Choosing an Internet Service Provider 5 Software 6 Security 7 Policies 8 Small business needs I will be explaining the various small business communications needs and produce my findings Communication needs Businesses work on communication without this a business will fail. The most successful business work on a good communication between the different sectors and departments a strong communication between these is essential for the day to day running of a business. Businesses rely on Technology to run with most business having there systems run by computers. Communication is done mostly by E-Mails, Fax's and phone calls. Website Businesses use websites to promote themselves and gain more profit from customers buying products or using their system over the internet. Here is a list of ways business use websites: * Recognition * Marketing * Advertising * Selling * Customer feedback * Customer contact * Advertising the location of the business Websites use distinct colours, themes, layouts, fonts to create its own unique style that can gain recognition between its customers. The website needs to have a professional look and be distinct. ...read more.


This is good for any business as means you can move laptops about such as using it for meetings. You even use PDAs to connect to the wireless internet. You can use WIFI for linking up many computers to a WLAN(Wireless local area network) allowing you to access other machines meaning you can send/receive files. Choosing an Internet Service Provider Choosing an ISP There are many factors to think about before selecting an ISP. You have to look at what they are offering in terms of speed, reliability and cost. For a small business cost is the most important. It has to be cheap but reliable there are many cheap ISP companies that are not that popular but have a bad reputation for providing a bad service such as loss of connection, slow speeds, problems connecting. Its best to go for a well know ISP company that has built its success from its good service and good customer feedback. There are many hidden costs when buying an ISP so look out for the following: * Monthly fees * One off fee for modem * Installation fees * Software fees * Technical help When looking at ISPs you may want to consider what they else they offer such as * Number of Email addresses * Web space * Domain name * Web Technical help * Backup facilities * Reliability * Email access ...read more.


I must use email for only business use. I understand that electronic communication of any type should not contain any harassing, discriminatory - racial or sexual, offensive, threatening, obscene or libellous material. Downloading I will not download any software or other prohibited material. I understand that authorised software downloads will be carried out only by an authorised person. I must stick to the know file formats and only download them off genuine sites. If caught downloading files not related to work but for personal use I will break the terms and conditions and be severely punished. Copyright I must obey the copyright laws and must seek permission to use a source with copyright. Emailing copyrighted materials is strictly forbidden. Privacy and Security Emails must only be to those related to the business and not for personal use. I must obey privacy laws and use the required encryption software as agreed in my contract and will not divulge any confidential keys or passwords. Access I will not tell any other person my password and will change the password when required to do so. I will not attempt to gain access to any unauthorised information. Viruses I will not knowingly transmit any files containing a virus. If I find a virus I will inform the appropriate person immediately. I, the undersigned, agree to all of the above and I understand that failure to comply could result in disciplinary or legal action. Signature ............................................................................................. Date ............................................................................................... ...read more.

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