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Compare 2 types of business letter with those of 3 companies.

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AVCE ICT Module 1 Document 7 Compare 2 types of business letter with those of 3 companies. Chosen firms and information on them 3 Common expected elements 4 Letters: 4 Order forms 4 Description of each document 4 Letters 4 The document 4 The TAG document 5 The Letts document 6 Order forms 7 The order form. 7 The TAG order form 8 The Letts order form 8 Common element in these three documents 9 Letters: 9 Order forms 10 The purpose of each document 10 Letters: 10 10 Letts 10 TAG 11 Order forms 11 11 Letts 11 TAG 11 Company 1 documents 11 Company 2 documents 12 Company 3 documents 13 Good and bad points of similar items 13 Letters: 13 Order forms 14 Improvements that could be made to each collected document. 15 15 Letter 15 Order form 15 TAG 16 Letter 16 Order form 16 LETTS 16 Letter 16 Order form 16 Chosen firms and information on them The firm's documents I have chosen to compare are Business Letters and Order forms from the firms: * TAG - learning software and guides. * Letts - ICT learning Guides. * - Computer hardware/software specialists. The two companies TAG and Letts both specialize in software and guides for any ICT courses. * Letts- Letts Educational is the UK's market leader in the provision of educational textbooks and examination study and revision guides. Letts Educational secondary school textbooks are among the most respected in UK education, while one-in-five primary school children regularly uses a Letts literacy book. * - have been specialists in the sale, maintenance and support of copy boards for the past 14 years. You will be able to benefit from there experience in dealing with all types of requirements and budgets. * TAG - No information was available on the Internet at the time of writing. Some basic information I was able to achieve was that this firm supplies learning aids to teacher and schools. ...read more.


The word "fax back" is formatted in a large bold 20-24pt font, with the number following in a smaller font. A subtitle is then shown on the line below giving the instruction to tick the appropriate box. Three lines then follow each with a different option and its each tick box. The document ends with the collection of the readers details such as telephone number, fax number and name. All the text in this document is in 18-20pt. The TAG order form This document is headed by a large bold title justified across the center of the page in 14-16pt text. Below this is a text box filled with a light gray background complete with two lines of text in bold text. Below this are five ways of placing your orders each on its own separate line with a small symbol related to it at the start of the line. Below this is the order form constructed out of 2 tables both 5 columns in width, the first of which is four rows deep, the second only three rows. In the first row of the first table are the column headers each center justified and positioned in the bottom of each cell. In the following three rows the text is left justified and important details are highlighted in bold type such as all the text in the 2nd column and the 3rd column and the save 5% and 10% in the 1st column. In the second table all the text in the first column is formatted in bold type the 2nd column and 3rd column also follow this style. At the far right of the second table there are another 5 rows on the bottom of the table for the data entry of sub totals, postage costs, net total, vat total and the total. Below this table is yet another table of four rows and four columns. ...read more.


The use of boxes and lines prove very useful in data entry. TAG Letter The TAG letter seems to be absent of changes needed. The document possesses every thing a good document should. However the director's signature spoils the appearance of the document and should be changed. The opening title should also be changed to be center justified across the page as being right justified spoils the appearance of the page. Also some of the information from the header should be placed in the footer such as the address, telephone number, fax number and Internet addresses. Order form The order form seems very fussy and cluttered. However it does include several pieces of useful information. The use of boxes and lines prove very useful in data entry. However time should be taken in simplifying the page. Adding the headers and footers from the letter would also be an improvement. LETTS Letter This document would benefit from a more substantial header and also the input of the readers name and address. However the use of text formatting titles and subtitles is well used. The footer of the document is well design but is spoilt by the lack of a header. The document should also be closed "sincerely yours," instead of "yours". The margins of the document should also be reduced as they are greatly oversized. Order form If this document had been printed on a separate sheet it would have been nothing more the scrap paper! There is no company logo or headers and footers; the letter demonstrated a good use of design in these so they could have been carried over to the order form. The order form could also have been formatted to fit the whole page rather than being squashed up in the middle. The quality of the document as it is isn't bad however it is spoilt by its appearance. The use of boxes and lines prove very useful in data entry. AVCE Module 1 Document 7 Page 1 of 17 ...read more.

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