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Compare and Contrast Discipline

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Comparison and Contrast Discipline or Abuse Carl R. Foster June 23, 2009 Barbara Murray University of Phoenix Compare and Contrast Discipline or Abuse The chosen subject to compare and contrast is Discipline or Abuse. What is discipline and what is considered abuse. The types of discipline that can be used without being considered abuse, The realm of public opinion will be explored with a wide array of perceptions as discussed in the paper; "Discipline and Development: A Meta-Analysis of Public Perceptions of Parenting, Parents, Child Development and Child Abuse." Meg Bostrom, Public Knowledge, LLC; May, 2003. The view the public holds on parental responsibility indicates that parents are doing a worse job of parenting than past generations, and the lack of parental supervision is a more serious than drugs, divorce or inadequate schools. With the rise of the two income family there has been a decline in the two parent family. Accordingly, the perception of that one parent should remain at home to look after them is still quite prevalent in public perception. ...read more.


Distinguishing physical punishment from physical abuse can be determined by the presence or absence of physical injury. (e.g. National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information, 2000) It can be argued that the intent can determine abuse from normative discipline, that parents who discipline their children intend not to harm them, but to learn a lesson and teach them. (Gil, 1970; Kadushin & Martin, 1981, Troce' et al. 2001). (Vasta, 1982,p.135; Gil, 1970; Peltoniemi,1983) conclude, that parental intent can not be used as useful criteria for distinguishing normative discipline from physical abuse. In reality, no such normative objective exists. Our own experiences become our definitions of what is normative, and construct them from our own parent's behavior as the standard. Suggesting to parents that slapping a child in the face is not acceptable but spanking them on the buttocks is acceptable suggests physical force is an appropriate means of behavior change. This is old school behavior. ...read more.


Parents who used average levels of spanking made frequent use of nonphysical disciplinary strategies and high levels of nurturing interactions. Parents who reported below-average spanking had relatively low levels of both disciplinary and nurturing interaction. (www.sagepub.com). The conflict between the nonphysical proponents and the one's who use corporal punishment rages. Clearly the boundaries have yet to be clearly defined. The use appears to diminish with the age of the child. Reference: www.basis.caliber.com/cwig/ws/library/docs/gateway/record/rpp=10&upp=0&m=1&w=. www.calib.com/nccanch/pubs. (National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse) Gil, D.G. (1970). Violence against children: Physical child abuse in the United State. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Kadushin, A., & Martin, J.A. (1981). Child abuse: An international event. New York: Columbia University Press. Moore, D.W., & Straus, M.A. (1987). Violence of parents toward their children: New Hampshire. Durham, NH: Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire. Trocme', N., MacLaurin, B., Fallon, B. et al. (2001). Canadian incident study of reported child abuse and neglect: Final report. Ottawa: Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2001. Vasta, R. (1982). Physical child abuse: A dual-component analysis. Developmental Review, 2, 125-149 ?? ?? ?? ?? Discipline or Abuse 1 ...read more.

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