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Compare existing documents from three different banks: Abbey, Lloyds TSB, and HSBC.

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Introduction 1 HSBC booklet and website analysis 2 Abbey booklet and website analysis 6 Lloyds TSB booklet and website analysis 10 Comparison of booklets and websites 12 Evaluation 14 Bibliography 16 Appendices 17 Introduction Plan for project In this project, I will compare existing documents from three different banks, these banks will be: Abbey, Lloyds TSB, and HSBC. The documents that I will analyse are credit card booklets/leaflets and websites. I will need to talk about the layout, content, purpose, suitability of purpose, strengths and weaknesses, and differences and similarities between each of the six documents. From each organisation will be a leaflet and one website. I will then compare and contrast the findings to see what is similar and what is changed in order to suit their purpose. Target audience The target audience for my report will be businessmen who are analysing existing leaflets and other mediums, which companies use to advertise their services. It will also be for graphic designers who would get ideas for their own designs, and will gain knowledge about what makes or breaks a design. Software to be used The software that is to be used is Microsoft Word, as it is a word processing program so it would be easy to create a report on it. Another program that I am using is Microsoft Internet Explorer as I can find a lot of information regarding what I am trying to find. Type of project This type of project will be a report styled analysis so that it will show the target audience what they want to know. HSBC booklet and website analysis HSBC is a multi-national bank operating in almost every country in the world. It can be used for coporate banking, or just personal banking, with various different banking plans to suit the individual need for the consumer. They also offer comprehensive banking advice and guidance for the clients. ...read more.


using a billboard or television as not everyone will know about the website, but almost all of Abbey's target audience drive and watch television. Therefore there is no need to recreate the advertisements onto their site; however the site is quite suitable for the other purpose, which is to provide convenience to the customer in querying about something. Differences in the booklet and website The first obvious difference is that the booklet contains one set of information about the cards that they have for the customer, however the website is that it has many different sets of information. Another difference is that the booklet does not have the vibrancy or images of the website, and in this sense is tamer. It also follows a set and constant layout throughout the whole booklet, however the website although at first glance the site looks to be of the same layout, it varies slightly from page to page. Similarities of the booklet and the website Both the website and the booklet have information about the service that Abbey provides. They also both try to persuade any potential customers that their service is superior to their rivals. Another similarity is that they use the same font type and secondary layout, in that the way they lay the text out and text style. Strengths of the booklet The booklet is very clear and easy to understand, with the simplistic approach so that it is easy on the eye and looks uncluttered. Another strength of the booklet is that it gives the customer just enough information so that they know what is going on but they want to know more because of the almost, to good to be true. It also has a very wide range of other useful information that goes along with the text already there to aid you with the buying of their service. Weaknesses of the booklet Weaknesses of the booklet are that there is a distinctive lack of any images or pictures, which do not make the booklet as interesting as it could be at first look. ...read more.


Although the invoice is simpler, there are more details and differences that can be picked up on more clearly. Another change would be to try and add more detailed analysis of the documents if there were more time, this would make it even simpler for the user to understand and gain in-depth knowledge about how to make their product stand out from the rest. Target audience responses The target audience were graphic designers and businessmen who want to create documents that are designed to inspire the customer to buy from them. The report was tested out by giving it to a graphic designer, who then read through it and gave his opinions as to what he thought was useful in the comparisons and the major criticisms that occur through the report. His opinions were that it was by far and large quite successful for the aim that it was intended for and provided quite a lot of detail for people who didn't need it specifically for the documents, as it gave good ideas on how to present other documents. Macro During this report I created various macros to use in my report. This was done so that every time I needed to insert an image, I could just press the relevant keys to obtain the image instead of having to copy and paste all the time. Macros save time for the user and are an easy way to get the images/text that are used repeatedly throughout the report. To create a macro you click on Tools then Macro and finally Record New Macro. How successful the project was From the point of view of what had to be done, I think that the project was quite successful as I had completed all of the required work to a high standard. The required information for the report was all covered, and there were some extra information so that it made the report more comprehensive. ...read more.

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