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Compare the effectiveness of the use of the marketing mix by both McDonalds and Prt A Manger

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Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing M1 Compare the effectiveness of the use of the marketing mix by both McDonalds and Prêt A Manger, including: How they meet the expectations of the target customer The expectations of McDonald’s customers are to receive a fast, efficient service for an ‘on the go’ lifestyle. They want a clear menu with many meal deals already to go for a quicker exchange at the till. They expect the food to be cheap in price and also filling to satisfy their hunger. Prêt’s customer’s expectations are quite different as they expect to receive a welcoming environment where each customer is valued; this means that Prêt wants to keep them coming back unlike McDonalds which is a ‘grab and go’ restaurant. The staff are trained to a high standard and enjoy their job so that the happy energy is transferred to customers when they come in. The customers of Prêt also expect fresh food made from scratch every day with no preservatives or additives added which is one of Prêt’s main policies. Going back to the expectation of Pret being a welcoming place, the design of all the stores comes into play and they try and make it as casual and relaxing as possible with sofas, lighting and appropriate posters. ...read more.


They produce a Product such as their Prêt Sausage Roll. Once it is made and all staff know how to make them up to a high standard then it is ready to be sold in store. The Place that they sell the product in is of high importance as Prêt can’t sell their Sausage Roll to people who can’t it for religious reasons, if they chose somewhere of strict religious rules like not being able to eat sausage then it would be a fatal choice to sell their product there. Prêt need to look for the correct place where they can get enough of the correct style of customers, these would be people who want fresh products and are willing to pay more for a higher standard of food. Once Prêt has determined a sustainable place to locate their store to sell their product they need to take into consideration the Physical Evidence of the in store decorations and layout. Assuming that they have gone for a middle class area to sell their Sausage Roll they will have to make sure the store represents a middle class standard when you walk in. ...read more.


Process: McDonalds process is fast, easy and somewhat expects you to know what you’re ordering already. Prêt on the other hand is relaxed and provides you with a menu to choose from and to order when you are ready. After looking at all the seven Ps of McDonalds and Prêt separately you can see that they are very different organisations and serve different markets but still apply a good method of the marketing mix. How the integrated marketing mix is used to support branding When trying to create a brand the marketing mix comes into play a lot. It helps breakdown and segment different aspects of peoples lives and link them together to form a better understanding on who the business’ customers are and what they are like. Once they have established what they are like through primary and secondary research they can acknowledge what they expect the business to provide and what standard of service to offer. Satisfying customer needs will increase the branding plan and will reflect positively across the whole business. Without the marketing mix to determine who they are dealing with then business would find it much harder to learn from their customers and therefore find it harder to offer exactly what they want. Unit 3: Introduction To Marketing M1 ...read more.

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