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Compare the importance of team work and personal attributes

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M3- Compare the importance of team work and personal attributes There are three ways Asda and Betta Value can use communication skills this is done through written, verbal and listening skills. Asda and Betta Value have different structure and size so the businesses needs a different balance of team working skills personal attributes in their staff. Listening, verbal and written skills At Asda Written is internally most dependants for the reason that they are a big business if you are relying on verbal communication the employees need good listening skills and good at following instructions. More instructions will be written into rules and processes to follow, their will be more check lists to make sure tasks are done and dusted. ...read more.


There will be more details in terms and conditions in employment regarding the job at Asda than Betta Value. Punctuality and time planning Punctuality and time planning are what both businesses want so the staff must be punctual so that they get full value for the wage they are paying. Time planning at Asda is critical because you have to link job and role in matrix structure which have to link with mesh and also time and planning is critical at Asda. Betta Values can afford a slightly relaxed aptitude to time planning but each manager controls the whole function so this means the managers have to many issues, time effectively because no one to pass on work. ...read more.


The role of the project team at Asda is to synchronise the time for head office with through for the store Time scales at Asda is important to the achievement of the company. Betta Value can afford a little calmer attitude to time planning but every boss controls an entire function; this means with the purpose of the managers have to handle their own employment load independently for the reason that they have no one to pass on their work. Courtesy, honesty and confidentiality These are qualities that every retailer expects in their employees at Asda and Betta Values. Courtesy is when dealing with a customer the employee should be polite at all times because if they do not they will loose their customers. Honesty is an essential quality because retailers have stock and cash on premises dishonesty of staff means costs go up and profit goes down because of wasting and theft. ...read more.

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