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Extracts from this document...


R E P O R T FROM: PRIAM JUGGERNAUTH TO: C BOTHA AND H SAMBI DATE: 15 December 2004 SUBJECT: COMPARISON OF EASYJET AND DOMINO'S PIZZA INTRODUCTION For this piece of coursework I will be comparing two contrasting businesses, they are Easyjet and Domino's Pizza. I will be finding out about their aims and objectives, profits/losses, type of ownership and their purpose, how they communicate and external influences. Firstly Easyjet is Europe's leading low-cost airline, and Domino's Pizza is a UK pizza takeaway and delivery company. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES An aim is a general statement of what a business intends to do e.g, to make a profit, provide products to the community, to survive for the first few years, provide a competitive service, maximise sales and quality, be environmentally friendly, offer a charitable, voluntary or community service. The aims that businesses should have are SMART aims. This means the business must choose its aims following the guidelines of SMART, which are: Sensible - Aims should form part of the businesses strategy so they fit what the business wishes to achieve. For example a food distributor should not aim to start making car parts because that would not be a sensible move for the business to achieve and would cost it a lot of money, just like starting a new business. Manageable - any of the aims should not stop the business in other areas because it cannot manage to fulfill an aim. For example if a business has �50,000 to spend to improve the business it wouldn't try to buy new equipment for �100,000 because it would not manage it. Achievable - Aims should be demanding but they should be something a business could achieve. So it must be hard to get but it must be possible to gain. Such as a local taxi service could change to an international taxi service but it would take a lot of money and effort but it is achievable but the taxi service would find it impossible to start an air travel service. ...read more.


In Domino's Pizza's head office they have a finance Department. They have a senior accountant, sales ledger clerk, purchases ledger clerk, payroll clerk and a cashier. Financial accountants to produce final accounts and do bookkeeping, Management accountants to help make conclusions to business problems, and, and cost accountants to provide cost information. The senior accountant will handle Domino's budget and he sometimes partners up with Domino's management accountants to discuss controlling costs. Domino's purchase ledger clerk will deal with suppliers and tells them where to deliver the products. The purchases ledger clerk will send assistants to recieve the delivery and check whether everything they ordered is there. Domino's cost accountant works with their production department. When a new pizza product is produced, the cost accountants will work out the cost; try to get a profit, tax effects etc. The finance department uses ICT. This helps them achieve their aims because it is an easy and quick way of getting things done as I will explain. The main aim of the finance department is to deal with their company's finance. ICT helps achieve this as it aids all of the employees in the finance department (shown with bullet points above). The senior accountant needs a computer to asses the budget to see what can be spent and what can't in large quantity. The sales ledger clerk needs ICT to record details of all transactions and customer accounts. The purchase ledger clerk uses ICT to record all transactions relating to purchases from suppliers, he also enters details of purchases onto a computer. The payroll clerk uses ICT to calculate staff wages. The computer does this automatically after he has typed in information from employees' time sheets. The cashier needs a computer to find and check banking and cash transactions. The bookkeeping is done on a computer; this will help the financial accountants keep records. The credit controller needs a computer to keep track of customers on credit and their payments. ...read more.


The project was a secret until they launched it, and there was a huge sucess. The ordering through TV was a sucess aswell. People liked the idea of not having to leave your couch to buy a pizza. This has helped Domino's develop to increase its popularity and size of the business in the UK. Product development is the process of improving products for customers. Easyjet and Domnino's Pizza use this to hope their customers will continue to buy their products and will be less likely to buy similar products from their rivals. This is done in stages: * Coming up with the idea for a new product or service- You must decide which idea will suceed and which will fail. * Creating the product- This entails designing the product or developing the technology to make it. Or, changing and improving a rivals product to produce a completely new product. This is called inovation. * Testing the product- To see if it does what it should do correctly. * Judge customer reactions- This will say wether the customers will like it and buy it or not. * Introduce the product to the market and sell it to the customers. 1) Domino's could want a pizza birthday cake with special candles. 2) They create it. 3) They test it to see if the candle work properly. 4) Let a few customers try it and judge their reaction. 5) Introduce it to the market. 1) Easyjet may want to introduce a computerised tour guide of the planes destination to help customers in that country. 2) They create it. 3) They test it to see if it works properly. 4) They introduce it to a few airoplanes to see if customers use it and judge their reactions to it. 5) Introduce it to the airoplanes and the market. Research and Development use ICT to collect information and store information. ICT allows businesses to collect information about consumer habits and preferences. The company can use this information to decide to produce more or less goods. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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